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I liked it but it turns out it's reaaaallyy hard to play without buying gems. It's annoying and I'm probably uninstalling this cuz it's just inevitable.. Fabulous!

Bug found: cannot control items at the side (e.g. drinks or fish). Im on latest Android. Sometimes it works perfectly but then something must have triggered the control issue. I have to rotate my phone 180, just to be able to drag or click the side item. Highly Recommend.

This game is just.. okay. Too many upgrades require gems and you can't earn them fast enough to be useful, you have to spend real $$$ if you want to go to different food truck venues, upgrade food, equipment, or exterior. Idk if its my Galaxy s7 but the game is laggy and that eats up precious seconds from your time. And the slot on the cruise ship SUCKS! Spent over 10k and could only hit the single coin 3 times winning $600 for each of those $500 bets. NEVER once hit the gems. Don't waste your coins there. Worth it!

I had a problem with my gems and they worked endlessly to help me. Customer service st its best! Worth it!

Fun game, however some glitchy lag which is affecting game play. Even with a game booster, game still has laggy glitch. Really needs to be addressed. Awesome

Fun game with good graphics. I think I've run across a couple bugs where I buy items in my kitchen but i do not get & emailed support so hopefully it'll get fixed. Pretty good

Controls are a bit tight. When I try to drag the sauce to the pasta, I miss often, and it wastes time. Also, when items are done cooking or when drinks are done pouring, everything makes the same 'ding' sound. When each food item is done being prepared, they should have unique sounds to help you navigate quickly without having to do as much hunting, considering this is a time management game, I feel this puts me at a disadvantage and doesn't add to the gameplay. It only adds to my frustration. Go well

Cruise ship is a scam. Spent thousands but get zero gems. So hard to collect the gem! Everyone is conplaining about the same thing so please find another way for us to earn gems more easily or you'll lose more players. Works perfectly

You make it so people have too be quick on there feet to feed the customers! I am not quick on my feet too feed all the customers that come too my window too get pasta and coffee. Thank you Worth it!

This game is very simple as we think we need attractive games but is very useless games.If it is upgrade it needs other countries recipes every thing included in it.Otherwise it is good but it also made best game Amazing!

Just started but it was bugging me to rate . ill rate again when i know if i like it Fantastic

Keeps me busy its a fast fun game to play I love cooking the fast pace moving an all the ingredients u have makes the game a lot better than most I've had...I love it I catch myself rewinding the tv show in watching because I get so caught up playing! Muito bom!

Play this game alot and glitches have been fixed and reimbursed in the past, unfortunately it keeps crashing this frustrating.....i will email support.......Here's hoping they are good again. One star all the way, can't even collect daily takings, crashes on island screen every single time...........even with ten restaurants open, going to uninstall.. Don't bother folks it's unplayable.... Works great

I'm having an issue with the free Gems I've downloaded a few games so I can get free gems and I haven't received any can some one help me with this please Perfect

Updates take too long. When was the last update since the fish and chips. C'mon. How about challenges every week then? Works great

So far so good. I see everyone complaining about the gems or lack thereof but I am yet to cross that hurdle. Marvelous

Better than Cooking Fever I've been looking for something like Cooking Fever MINUS the greed, and this game delivers. It does get tougher in the upper levels because to upgrade you need gems, but it's not as bad as Cooking Fever as this game requires less gems. The graphics are great. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because when I do the offers for free gems it doesn't always register. Great!

I want my own food truck in real life. This fantasy cood gruck is soooo much fun!! Great job

Being a food truck, it's focused yet fast paced and fun. Busy cooking, serving, and working to keep customers happy. Works great

Played this before and loved the challenge but in the end the loading got stuck and had to uninstall it. But thought I'd give it another try Great job

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