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I have found so many great podcasts since downloading this app. I cut my tv cable so I wanted another way to catch up with the news. I found news and so much more. I now listen to news, storytellers, entertainment, science educational poscasts and more. I also love the Cashbox game included in the app. The app let's you download or stream but gives you a warning if you stream which has saved me some data due to an accidental click or two. I recommend Castbox to everyone. Perfect

Full stars, all of my gripes have been fixed thus far. Left my gripes below for clarity. Go into setting to play oldest to newest, which makes more sense and I'm not sure why that isn't implemented at the beginning. Distasteful push news, all podcasts are listed in playlist backwards. So hitting next takes you to the previous episode. Sorting oldest to newest does not affect 'next/previous track' operation. Had docked a star for being stuck notifications. Well done!!

So far so good but why when I pause the stream from the lock screen for some minutes the application closes? A bit anoying as I need to open the app and go to the stream to start playing it again. I would expect to work like any other music app where I just press the play on my earphones to start playing it again wow lol

Love the app but the player keeps reappearing in my notification tab even when the app is closed. Very annoying that this keeps reappearing when I have the app closed. Would appreciate if the devs can fix this. Otherwise the app is great. Edit: I emailed the devs and they fixed this problem within next week's update, 5 stars! Superb!

It was the best. So after the latest update that app crashed sometimes. It's a pity, I loved this app. Please. Fix it. New layout is great, but toooooooooo slow, but I'm try to use a bit little more. My English isn't good so far. Pretty good

My favorite podcast app ever. I have tried many and always come back to castbox. Recommend

Used to work great... but now it doesn't save my place within an episode. I shouldn't have to remember the time code I left off at after every use!!! Just wow

I really like this app but last update screwed up downloads section as app freezes if I go to downloads section. Also you need a section that only shows by podcast what ones you have downloaded only. Go well

Amazing! For someone who loves to listen to trance..techno there is nothing that could possibly be as efficient as this app is in getting any EDM live sets that's have been released. Highly Recommend.

This is one of the best podcast apps that I've used on the play store so far. It loads them pretty quickly and keeps them organised relatively well. I wish the dates of release were a bit more prominent, but other than that I have had a great experience with it so far. Works perfectly

Amazing app. I'm still exploring and trying different podcast apps. But so far this one really stands out. Marvelous

I love podcasts but have has problems finding a good player for my phone. CastBox is the best! Works great

It is an awesome app, the best player I've tried so far. Would be nice a donation option. I would pay for this, but the plan price is high. Good

Convenient and easy to use, would be cool to see further improvements in acknowledging more of the original content in the description, or easier to go to links to review the original sources. Fabulous!

I love listening to podcasts and this app is great for that. I only have a few complaints and a lot of it is nitpicky. One of the issues I have is when scrolling to the bottom of podcasts and deleting one I get taken back to the top of my list. Another issue is making playlist of podcasts is not the easiest. Well at least to me maybe someone will have an easier time with that. Over all though I prefer to use castbox over any other podcast service on Android, it is a better option. Fantastic

I'm noticing that the app is starting to be unresponsive. Whenever I pause the app and press the play button to resume, it does nothing. I've also noticed that when I click on a podcast, another one pops up. I have even had the podcast spontaneity start playing when the phone is lying dormant and untouched. Please fix this. Thank you. wow lol

Some good features, especially the subscription manager, but recently the the player controls in the notification bar cannot be closed, even when you have stopped listening and closed the app. Only way to remove is to force close. If this isn't fixed I'll have to delete. EDIT - Developer responded and fixed problem. Up to 4 stars. Worth it!

It has a a few bugs. Every one says the interface is simple but it could be a lot more simple. It would be really cool if podcast apps had social media integration though Perfect

I'm using it regularly. I'm paying for it. Tech support is responsive. Therefore I must like it. But I have a little bit of a love/hate thing for this app. I'm not sure what I'm struggling against. I think I need more control. I hate that it continues to the next podcast after it finishes one. Omg

Uh oh guys! This is the best podcast app there is in my opinion but I'm experiencing a big issue after the very last update on my Galaxy 8 plus. The player control on the notification panel press 30 second skip feature, it wants to close the notification panel. Right now I have to give the app for stars, but prior to this it was five. I will resubmit my rating back to 5 when this glitch gets fixed. Come on guys! Pretty good

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