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Almost I'm trying to make it play my movies I bought on Google but it won't sign me in on app and pop up says I habent purchased it because I'm not logged in Marvelous

Amazing, but one problem! I have 2 youtube accounts on with my Google account, but this app only lets me view my subscriptions from only one of my youtube accounts. Am I missing something? Please allow users to choose which youtube account they want to use Well done!!

Almost there I really like this app. It helps alot especially when I'm multitasking. But the only problem that I have is that I can't watch vevo videos. Other than that it's great Well done!!

Good but with room for improvement Wish I could see my subscription videos feed like YouTube app, being able to choose video resolution and so on. Recommend

Phenomenal The only difference between "Liked It" and "Loved It" is that YouTube playlist sharing is not supported. Otherwise, the title says it all. Fabulous!

Excellent but... Can't login. Also, the video ignores blue light filter apps. It would be nice if that was an option. Good

Almost 5 stars This app is great, it does exactly what it says it does. It's mostly what I want YouTube to be. It would be a 5 star app if you could close the ads that YouTube overlays on the videos, and if VEVO worked. Right now I have to leave the ad on the video or restart it and hope the ad doesn't populate. VEVO doesn't work either, and I wish I knew this before I paid for the window resizing. It's pretty irritating, but otherwise a good app. Would love developer feedback on this. 5 star

Ok but not great This could be a good app if: 1) I could select my Youtube account. That the app don't even ask for account of profile. 2) Selecting full screen is not perfect when having floating on. 3) the app is sort of buggy, sometimes the video stops while the sound continues to play. I will raise my grade once I see improvements. Muito bom!

Very nice Would like to be able to switch between my channels though. And it'd be good if the floating window closed when the YouTube app button in it is pressed. Not sure if these are possible. Good

Loved it, bcz Time matters.! Looking for this type of app since from couple of year... Awesome concept, and Thank you :-) Loved it:-) Fabulous!

Similar to Stream Nice app, similar to stream, except this time you can share the video via Youtube to this app. Finally. Great!

YouTube background casting solved. Perfect workaround for YouTube background play, it is complementing original YouTube app. Fantastic

Awesome Now that similar app Viral was deserted, this is undoubtedly the best floating-window youtube app! It work out very well despite rigorous youtube's restriction. Worth pay for the window stretch function. Thanks! Good

Nice when it doesn't blow up Currently experiencing some issues where the app causes Android UI to freeze and crash, making the phone unresponsive. It's probably because I'm using the Android nougat beta. Hope to see it fixed. Perfect!

Great concept! Needs the following features: adjustable window size, opacity control, and a hide option. Also, the sharing function as a means to activate the floating window is how it should be. I'm not interested in using a third party app to find YouTube content when I could just use the app itself. The app serves to give users the option to watch YouTube content in a floating window; its functionality should focus on that and that only Awesome

Freshly installed and... apart from a few videos being restricted and not playing in this app. Brilliant so far. Edit: 30July... After purchase now not working. Edit: Bug fixed a short while later, thanks dev . Must have

Excellent but... Bought the app and it's great. But: Need to be able to switch between my YouTube channels. Also would be good to have the option to open the playing video with the actual YouTube app. Great job

Needs improvement. Here's why. This is is really cool, first off. Don't get me wrong, I love it. One thing that needs improving though is the subscriptions page. Is there any way to put your subscriptions videos on there instead of channels? For someone like me who has 60+ subs, it would be ideal. Second, the hamburger menu to the left is nice, but it lacks functionality and the cover image at the top is bland. Maybe use a different background with the Flytube icon on top or have the user's profile pic and a cover photo of their choice. 5 star

Freshly installed and... apart from a few videos being restricted and not playing in this app. Brilliant so far. Edit: 30July... After purchase now not working Enjoy it!

Almost great Remove all the annoying annotations, and the freezing video for longer vids (5 minute or so), and this would be a 5-star app. Enjoy it!

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