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It's ok I guess but take off the timer please. Second of all the graphics are horrible I have a game that looked just like this untill I got this game and I hope you guys like it but not me. love it

I like the game but when I got to level 8 I killed animals on the list and they never disappeared. So I killed all the animals on the list but never won. I reloaded the game and it still did it. I did it a few more tries and it still did it. Even the levels after that did the same thing. So what's the point of playing if I can't win and do more levels. Superb!

Poop and logout screen shots for screen shots for screen shots for screen shot it is for her for her and for her Not bad


I havent even played I it yet but im so exited exept its a really slow download but its all good ;) Highly Recommend.

This game is just perfect . It,s control s it's​ so much difficult .but I love this game Cool

My only problem is that the name is called Flying unicorn yet the actual creature that we're playing as is an Alicorn and not flying unicorn Superb!

I have not played this before but this game looks fun I wonder if there's breeding and gender and mating Good

Very good? Its a wonderful looking game,but...Its impossible to die so its easy plus there we're animals stuck in the ground Great job

Omgeee (in singing voice ) I have not even played it yet but it just looks sooo fun and i looked at the reveiws alot are GREAT. But then again alot are horrible. Alot of them 5 star

I like it. It is a great game but I think it is boring just running around killing animals. You also almost get killed after attacking one animal Works great

Love it Not bad

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