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Not able to reply from the flychat bubble for any whatsapp messages. I type the reply and hit send, but it never reaches the other person. Earlier I always was able to. Maybe an update glitch. Please fix it soon Pretty good

It's a great app. Only suggestion I would like to make is make file sharing available on it. Sending pics and videos. Also, after a recent update I'm unable to send messages through this app. I can see the messages and type replies but am unable to send them. It wasn't like that before. I urge the team to solve this issue. Great app otherwise Cool

Hey! This is an Amazing app, I really loved it, but I have a problem, with the new Skype update, flychat doesn't appear. I need to solve that cause this app is amazing, if someone can help me, please let me know. Since the last update, my WhatsApp flychat can't send my messages, it works perfectly with telegram, but not with WhatsApp. Please, help me solve, cause I really love his app, it's very useful. Perfect

sorry, i like this app, but after several time WhatsApp updated, my flychat had error at sent icon (not function) Pretty good

Why no support for Messenger Lite? Why support Messenger if the app already comes with chat head bubbles? You know what doesn't come with that feature though? Messenger Lite! I would love to try this app if it supported Messenger Lite, as I use that app (over the bloated Messenger) and use other chat head app to replace that missing feature. I'm hoping adding support to a similar software is simple enough so that this idea could really be considered. I rated 4 stars since that's the average consensus, I just wanted to voice my thoughts on this topic. I don't use the other chat systems to be able to test this app and give my actual thoughts on it. Just wow

This is completely useful when doing multi tasks. But there are some minor issues like, can't insert WhatsApp smileys, interface need to be developed still. Perfect

Good app. However, since a few weeks ago I keep getting a bubble saying 'Checking for new messages', which I think should not appear, in fact it didn't before. :( Omg

Maybe you should expand this app features to Snapchat and other communication apps Works great

Great app, but I'm facing a problem with Skype integration. Chat heads aren't showing up whenever I try the app with Skype. Please fix that. Worth a go!

I have been using this app for past 3-4 months. It has been 'ok' to get my purpose of downloading it fulfilled. But lately I started hating it's minor flaws like poor design and color scheme, incessent chathead 'waiting for new messages' lately, and not even a single update whatsover in all these months. I think it's not in further development. Basically, it's become obsolete with a better option that I downloaded today Direct chat. Let's see how it gonna perform. Uninstalling it. Bye. Worth it!

Can I get the option to use custom icon packs? I have a circular material icon pack I would like to use that would look better than using stock icons from apps. Fantastic

Suggestions - 1) Add support to add more apps. 2) Add support to Hike messenger. 3) Would be great if you can see online status and typing status in chat heads windows like you can see in the app itself. 4) Add option to see some content frm message with the bubbles ( like it shows in dashdow for whatsapp app) - This is the thing i expect to see in upcoming updates. Thumbs up to the developer. Loved it. Go well

I use this mainly for Textra. But it needs dual SIM support. Also, the conversation thread is not showing. The only message appearing is the one received, the previous messages don't show. Pls add support for dual SIM and fix the history Fabulous!

1.when landscape mode, cant direct send the text. 2.add disable chat bubble 3.and last thing make badge/bubble size more smaller pls Surprisingly

Hope it have 5star but hope next time can see also picture or video in chat message and also voice call pls put the one will be the best Cool

Checking "automatically close app when associated app opens" doesn't work for any apps I've tried with (hangouts, FB messenger, Textra). Highly Recommend.

If someone sends more than 1 message it doesnt shows in the chathead plz fix this soon.. Otherwise its a great app Awesome

What the hell Chuck Norris did to you. You are making such a mess of him Muito bom!

Like others have pointed out please give an option to enable and disable the auto showing of the message preview it's really imp Awesome

I would give 5 stars but the ram usage is still very high more that 100mb... Are you planning to add viber support or mail? I it would be cool to support all Notifications (of course without reply) Enjoy it!

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