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It's a fun challenging game and finally a game that follows the best but the ads to be able to go to the next Perfect!

It's good game , but I don't like the stage who need to watch video to open the next stage .. Go well

You want to rate the game first before I can even play it. That's somewhat back wards don't you think . Marvelous

This game does require more skill the longer you go on, but conpleting a difficult level feels like bliss. love it

عالی هر چی بگم کم گفتم فقط هر کس تمومش کردم مثل خودم کارش درسته Amazing!

I love it it has such a fun music's!!!!! I wish I could give 10 stars Amazing!

مراحل بازی کمه و زود تموم میشه اگه قسمت دو بازی رو هم درست کنید یا به مراحلش اضافه کنید خیلی بازی عالی بود،هیجان داشت خیلی خوشم اومد Just wow

I think that this game is the best because I love games that you have to tap and it plays a song so this game is a step up from what I used to play Marvelous

This game was very fun! This kind of game was i want to play all the time. The graphics are great. Music are also great. One of the great game i played ever. Surprisingly

This game is intense when so close to finishing because you feel like your about to miss and the music is so different each level and I like that because most music games you haft up with similar music. Ive had no problems with this app and glad I found this addictive app. Surprisingly

Really loved it and already finished 41 songs! But still disappointed at themis oddvision and party drop because how easy they become after the update Over all its the best rhythm game ever Omg

Why after i updated it, the song, like under the sun or party drop became more easier and not so sync with the beat like before? Just wow

Edm festival should be last because its incredibly hard compared to the levels before and after plz move it up Marvelous

It was going to well! I loved this game then out of no where it dosnt want to load in. I tried every thing to make it work even redownloading still isnt working. Please fix! Go well

Hooolh molyyy!! Nwver thought this game would be such an amazing one! I can say this is the first music beat game that the sound timing matches perfectly with the buttons you have to press, and the music is just funking awesome! Truely love it! Goos job guys, pleaaaase keep up the good work❤❤ Love Amanotes Awesome

This game is very good سلام هم وطن های گل خودم 5 star

Amazing ❤ at first it takes time to get the rhythm but the game wouldn't be a game without a challenge I absolutely love it ❤ Cool

Best game if you love music and following the beat....much better than piano tiles Amazing!

It was a good game but it will be better if u put the list of the songs in that game 5 star

I love the details of the game that's cool keep up the good work Perfect!

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