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Brilliant theme. Given my phone a real visual boost. Keep up the good work. Recommended. Thanks. Muito bom!

Amazing!! I've been through and bought a lot of cm themes on the play store.. but this one is by far the best. I was amazed by how beautiful it actually looks. Amazing theme. Would defiantly recommend to others! Perfect!

Perfect - except: Since the last uodate i have to reibstall it after each reboot on my one plus one Great job

Awesome theme! Just a minor bug, quick setting AudioFX icon is invisible on my Oneplus One CM13 (CO13), no matter it's on or off, a reboot doesn't help. That's it. Thanks Pretty good

Great Will you please change the color on the battery icon when low battery warning goes off? It matches the color of the status/notification bar and you can't see much. Well done!!

So far so good Looks great on the new nexus launcher running bliss pop rom, worth the 108 pennies!! Worth a go!

Would like to see the new changes that the Flux dark variant has in this one, too. Perfect

Flux & Flux White = Beautiful Themes!! Just switched to the Flux White theme and couldn't be happier. Lookin' forward to seeing what's next. Keep up the AWESOME work!! Thanks, Dustin Worth it!

Great theme made by great person. Even when I had issues related to the theme (e.g. large home buttons), recieved great support from the developer and generally, he was nice to talk to. Omg

Text display bug Sometimes the text doesn't show up. For example, when editing the quick tiles in Android M, the text in the far left is completely blank but it does work in the standard CM theme. Please fix it! Amazing!

Status bar color is way too blue Can u change status bar color to a warmer blue? it will look awesome. Overall great theme Flawless

Cool. Thanks for the winned promo code but... There is problem with the new cm13 volume bar. Problem appears in silence mode the icon dissapeared and the slider is a bit broken. Pretty good

Great theme, fast and active creator I have have both dark and white team, because it is really worth and think as a great support to.the creator, thank for his job and quick works.

Great! But... I love this theme, but as soon as I installed cm 13 no themes can be installed, kinda a bummer. But great theme nonetheless. :)

Very nice Theme I was searching for white theme for too long but finally I got it boot animation is good icons are designed nice stock android feel

Problem on moto x 2014 Had this theme for my nexus 5. Great theme! But on my 2014 moto x it fails to install no matter what.

Great CM theme This has become my favorite CM theme. The colors are bright and crisp, and for some reason, my Galaxy Tab Pro runs much faster with this theme. Also, the font is perfect for my tablet.

Beautiful look however crashes apps. I love this theme as it looks amazing however sometimes it crashes my apps. This only happens one or two times a day and is fine after however is really annoying. Pls fix it. Sent on opo.

Looks clean and crisp! I prefer the contrasting colors to Google's stock build. Adds even more to the Material Design theme.

Definitely worth to purchase! Flux White is beautiful. One of the best themes in the market for those who don't like their UI to be over-themed. Settings menu is really unique with these colorful, long-shadowed icons. The status bar icons could be tweaked instead of the stock ones. I personally use the quick settings menu with 11-12 tiles, which is 4 rows. With Flux I prefer 3 rows, the icons are a bit oversized. The white text over light grey background in advanced quick settings sub menus (location, screen timeout) could be improved.

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