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Amazing! Use it often for my flights. Pretty intuitive and great for even some Sim pilots out there!

No longer frustrated Things seem to be better & I'm back to happy. I wish the downloads to my could take less time, esp when I'm in an airport downloading for a return cross-country flight the day after database updates. Old: In the last weeks I have been unable to update charts. I sent email to support with no response. Someone there needs to fix this, or the App will be considered unreliable ... something IFR pilots will not tolerate.

Company issues and lack of communication Understand that things are back and working again at avilution, unfortunately I've moved on. Otherwise it is a great app, company had had some internal squabble that degenerated into litigation and completely dropping the ball on database updates. No response from support and no updates to users. I'm going to have to find an alternative after 3 years of supporting this great product.

Now that the battle is over Now that their legal battle is over the program is working just as well as it was before. It is a great program, and is the closest you can come to foreflight. Garmin pilot is also a good option however flight pro is much more compressive, and runs much smoother. Works perfectly

Great app However, the app has recently become extremely slow and unresponsive. This is to the point where I cannot use app. Galaxy S5 Verizon android 5.0

Keeps getting better... Add e6b functions and other related calculations and it would be perfect. Maybe think about a way to auto generate a flight plan based on two airports kinda like a car gps tried to figure out a way to the address. Air Route Generator Android app does this even though it's a novelty. Add other subscriptions for non U.S. charts and data. Brilliant

Intuitive UI with accurate/immediate rendering Great features (such as automatically selecting charts for an entered flight plan), automatically warning of expired charts, weather data, vector maps, & adjustable text scaling. For someone who flies across multiple states, this is so much easier than shuffling with paper charts (and costs less than a stack of paper charts too). Not bad

Very impressive This system is innovative and capable. In glad it is an option. Looking forward to watching the evolution. Perfect!

Excellent- the best flight chart app Very fast access to relevant charts & plates, instant recall when needed. Read the manual, play with it before flight. I use it all the time! Well done!!

Great Aviation app - yet long term viability is questionable This app is functional - they got the chart updates working. However, the owners & programmers are suing each other, so the long term viability is questionable. This is unfortunate because Avilution/Flight Pro is an excellent app - the best available on Android in my opinion - and I have been a happy subscriber for several years since its early days. If you want to try it, I suggest going month to month with the subscription. If and when their future becomes clear I'll raise my rating back to "5". Good

Awsome, intuitive I love working with this app. Very intuitive and easy to use, but the company is having internal trouble. Updates seem to nolonger be available. I`ll be back once the company sorts out what they are doing. Must have

Excellent app. Problems within the company Just got an email from "FlightPro General Counsel". Seems there is some conflict within the company. They missed the 5 February database update. It is an excellent app. Sincerely hope they are able to continue. Surprisingly

Excellent replacement for paper charts Great app The tutorial was very thorough and I felt comfortable using the first time up in flight. It proved very handy for getting airport weather just by selecting the airport and quickly looking up airport diagrams and info. in the AF/D. It can also be used with X-Plane, which I will take advantage of when practicing instrument approaches at home. Recommend

Excellent selection of maps, can you add weight and balance? I despise apple products and there is really nothing out there other than foreflight. Specifically need HELICOPTER stuff, bell 206, 407, Robinsons (22,44,66) and AS350s would be awesome Superb!

Best app, a must have flight app I am amazed at how far flight apps have come. Flight pro is on the leading edge, don't leave home without it. Flawless

Nexus 9: fastest rendering + ADSB and AHRS display The fastest map rendering! The other features like display of ADSB weather and traffic is present and require some configuration. If you have AHRS available the Primary Flight Display (PFD) is blazing fast like the maps. My only complaint is the lack of a magnetic + GPS bearing, altimeter and ground speed tapes for the PFD. This app is certain moving back into my favorites list. I wish to see the PFD improved and the cheesy synthetic vision thing, complete with a British Nanny for a Bitching Bettie and I will have to move the stars to 5. Worth it!

Clumsy! Slow awkward non-intuitive ui. Garmin makes a much better product. The only plus is that this app opens charts in program and not externally

#live-wallpaper Nexus10! Just perfect! I've tried Naviator first, but like this one better. Work fast and smooth on Nexus10. Thanks guys, great work.

#synch-your-devices Still no terrain map! I like this app better than Naviation or Anywhere Map, but it's time for a terrain map function. The other two apps had it from their inception. I find terrain map very useful in back country flying. Guess getting ads b to work is using all resources. Oh and don't waste money on the weight &balance app. Tiny font. Hard to get it to work as advertised.

"The" aviation application for Android!! Sure, its not a panel mount and cant be used for navigation per the FAA. This is the best pilot app in regard to features, pricing and customer support!

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