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Big help reading small written stuff... and not so small too :) Light and zoom make a great partnership. Surprisingly

Most useful flashlight on GP due to use of camera as a 1-4X magnifier (OpticView™) and is bright enough for me. Use with or without screen magnifier. Great little app from the Digitalchemy DEVS! Support them by purchasing their Fractional Calculator and Calculator Plus. Only Calcs you should ever need. Enjoy it!

Great app. Has many features & all work well. Best flashlight PLUS I have ever used! Well done!!

Excellent for reading menus in small type in dimly lit restaurants. One complaint- the actual torch icon on the screen occupies too much of the screen space. You could make the handle shorter housing the on button and just have a slim zoom ring on the torch. But hey it stops me asking my partner to tell me what's on the menu in dimly lit restaurants!! Marvelous

I LOVE this flashlight!! The best feature is that you can turn it on/off from your lock screen! Oh, wait...the best feature is the magnifier. I don't know. Download it NOW and choose the best feature for yourself!! Pretty good

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