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This light works great, but since upgrade the light stays on and I'm unable to turn it off, so have to restart phone all the time. Surprisingly

I dont need the ads. I need to be able to access quickly. Off and on and not be fooling around closing ads Worth a go!

Just installed it haven't tried anything other than using the flashlight. With that I am really pleased Great job

This is amazing like it is like a flash crazy but I still love it. wow lol

If my ZTE N817 had a flashlight built in like my ZTE N800 did, I'd give this a 5 Star rating. Highly Recommend.

Why can't tour advanced technologustsinvent a power saving way to see where the shuck I'm at? Not bad

It does exactly what you need it to do. Shines a light and makes everything in life brighter and easier to see. Highly Recommend.

This app let me know that my small phone didn't have a flash so it brighten up my screen instead. Highly Recommend.

works great easy to use and quite useful at night saved getting my FLASHLIGHT out Worth it!

Stops working sometimes while I'm fighting with the ad pop-ups. It will say it's on, but doesn't shine. Maybe find a less disruptive way to incorporate the ads. Cool

The pop up was very confusing and I didn't know how to answer the prompt. Also the pop up seemed to freeze the app at one point. Awesome

Flashlight works very good especially at night getting out of car and unlocking the door to get inside the house quickly. Worth a go!

Flashlight is good frequent pop-up ads are making me want to uninstall and find another similar app wow lol

Works like a flashlight when I need one. I don't know what other things this can do Fantastic

Different thing in the dark and managing events I would honestly recommend this app if you don't have a flashlight app Muito bom!


As a Military Veteran the SOS button is PERFECT and I thinks as a ex sniper, all women should install this and men if stranded its great to have. Worth a go!

I like the features but I wish I could open up another app with the flashlight still on. love it

I live this app it has a bright light for you to see something in the dark.Perfect for camping in the middle of no where.Or when you are in the dark.Download please!!! Fantastic

Quick easy install, very bright. Comes on when you open it w/o having to use the "on /off" button in the app Worth a go!

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