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My mobile was unable to play the online video and I was confused that why it is not playing the video. After installing Adobe Flash Player mobile started again to play online video I love it. Go well

Down loaded just fine, gave proper warnings... Works great for what I needed it for, haven't had problems yet... Worth a go!

I want to know how to get in the game b\c after it says hey,it works! I can't find out how to Gert in but I like flash player a lot! Worth a go!

You really shouldn't prompt me to rate your software before I have a chance to test it out. Here's hoping I can get it to work for me. *fingers crossed* Good

I did not use the app yet i think its will be so helpfull for me Brilliant

Nifty little app, too bad it doesn't sync with getting my free coin links on CSG. Highly Recommend.

I don't understand why this won't work for use with a website for my son's homework. It states ' requires Adobe flash", but my device apparently doesn't support Adobe flash. Why won't this app work in its place? Cool

Thank you was hoping this would become available for use on mobile browser's.. Well done guys and Thank You.. Brilliant

Works wonderfully on my Samsung s6 paired with the Puffin Browser. Thanks team, can now play online browser games. Started with Heroes Online!!!!! Woot Woot. Can now play games with my dad. Marvelous

Works great with the Samsung S7. I like it. Now my device support live streaming. Thanks for all this Flawless

Love it so much it inspire me because of the images and the graphics I just love it Not bad

I think I've been trying to do mandatory course on line and couldn't get a flash player on my tablet,finally I have. Hoping it works Well done!!

What do I do after it's done? I keep going back to it and it has to redo what it does? Lol Omg

Have been looking for an app like this one for a while! Finally I will be able to play online games and so forth! Just really hope it all works when it is supposed to?! Enjoy it!

Well, its still too early to tell. When it works, I'll come back and leave a word or two. Well done!!

I could not watch any YouTube videos because of the videos being choppy and skipping. As soon as I got this player it fixed it! Thanks a bunch! Good

Too soon..but my device was nt able to use adobe so we will c how this one works Pretty good

Was unable to use MLB at Bat on my Galaxy Note 5 until I got this app. Now I'm loving my Dodgers again! Highly Recommend.

After installing and downloading the plugin and everything else, it STILL wouldn't allow me to view flash player required websites but other than that PRIMARY PROBLEM, lol, hey it seems to work JUST perfect LMAO, oh yeah and btw, tha only reason I'm giving this thing 5 stars is so JUST so it, (my comment that is of course), will ACTUALLY be seen...... Worth a go!

For mobile devices that don't accept Adobe Flash Player this is the secondary best application to install Omg

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