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Make the app to flash on all app notification please an people will love it mark my world's Recommend

The best ever the flash is very relaxing like very soft music thanks developer love it Just wow

I think it works for me bcoz sometimes I cannot hear my phone I'm at the club in the middle ov the night, i think its useful for me great app Perfect

Nice At least I now got a flash for incoming calls, not only for iPhones anymore. It's cool Works great

Lost my volume for my messages, this app let me kno when I have new messages now!! I love it love it Brilliant

It works but it seems to delay the calls from popping on the screen, same with text messages Marvelous

Its amazing finally resolved my issue for notification but lookin forward to see apps notification please n the future Muito bom!

I like it a lot, but when I answer the phone, it doesn't stop flashing for sometimes 2 or 3 minutes. I would give it an easy 5 if that could be fixed. Maybe it's a setting on my end, but can't figure it out Works perfectly

Overall I love the app. It does what its supposed to do. The only problem im having is the option to enable flash for apps disapeared Works perfectly

A great tool to have in your phone. Helps me locate it especially at night time. Just wow

මෙලෝ වැඩක් නැ එකපාරක් වැඩ කරනවා ආය වැඩකරන්නේ නෑ..... Fabulous!

The first couple of days, it was working just fine..but after a while it stopped flashing for phone calls & only flashes for texts now. The only way I could get it to flash for all my calls is if I turn on the "alert only when locked" please fix & I'll give you 5 stars. That was the main reason I got this app, for the flash when I get phone calls, since I always stay misplacing my phone and the flash really helps me find it quickly when on silent. Worth it!

It's easy to set up,not like others that you have to setup every contact one by 1. wow lol

I love the app definitely I'm inspired it's not hilarious if you guys don't like it don't right nothing on this page it's rude Enjoy it!

Bravo! Simple yet working! Much appreciated if you guys making a paid app and ads free! 5 star

I don't Always hear well with notification or calls..The flash gets my attention every time!! Thanks! Marvelous

Well I would have given it 5 stars but this app sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't plzz fix that 5 star

This is goog app ...when phone is in silent mood it will be hepled to koow abot callig Surprisingly


This is a great app it works perfectly well on any phone. Permission granted to download. Nice Not bad

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