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Very Nice, ilove the keyboard,. I never seeing dis type of key , he make my phone to fill comfortable and somuot . i love it. God bless you all Amen Worth it!

How delete it from my phone .stop show rem circle .I want to stop installing .it doing my head in . Omg

Nice keyboard but i don't know how to turn on and use application in flashlight... Is that true that i can manage my apps in flash light Surprisingly

بسيارخوب اماازي بهتر باشه خوباست Brilliant

The app is cool, now try to add more cool keyboards the available themes are just few Works great

I think the app is a good one why because what ever kind of app you are looking for you can find it here# all thanks to Google.... Cool

I don't like it bc it has this stuff all over my screen and it keeps asking me to clean something it's so annoying!!! Just wow

5nte paisakkilla mattethe app ethavanaanava ithe kande pidichathe avante thalele iduthee veezhatte♥♥♥♥ Works great

Hello very very nice Awesome

It's cool. Would have been awesome if this keyboard has symbols. Though everything is awesome. Enjoy it!

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