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afreekaLee Super keyboard with awesome themes.. I perfect for all phone.. Producer should just try and inproved the version for arrow keyboard Pretty good

Khmer This is a great keyboard! I totally love it Not bad

Log It is a good type of keyboard but, it always freeze or hung or stock and I hate it when the time that I'm enjoying what I'm doing Amazing!

Adds This is an awesome app but it has too many adds which makes difficult to work on it plz remove that Just wow

Got problem .... I have asus phone and not able to download new skin by wifi(wifi connection is perfectly well).... But able to download by mobile data.... Have the same problem in my samsung phone Awesome

واقعا بسیار زیبا و هنرمندانه و قوی کار شده مرسی متشکرم. موفق و مؤید و پیروز باشید بدرود00 Brilliant

Nice app but... I wish there was a search option so i can search the keyboard themes that i like Go well

حرف نداره.... بدون نقص.... هر کس هم ایرادبگیره مطمئن باشه که بی سلیقه ترین آدم دنیاست Brilliant

I like this app is very simple an also to choose different amazing Pretty good

Keyboards are awesome but i realy fed up from ads its annoying ..please fix these problems .... i want to give five stars Must have

Flexible The app helps me switch from one style to another... change themes and languages Perfect

Nice one It enables you to choose any type of keyboard you would like. Awesome Well done!!

I really like the app. I only want to say that there's two things that I don't like.. When charging the phone there's ad screens that block the screen which are difficult to remove and have access to the phone. The second thing that has recently appeared when the phone rings is an ad in front of the caller ID which impends you from seeing who is calling in. Please change that ASAP or tell me how to remove it please. Thanks Pretty good

Keyboard is great The keyboard skins, the emoji's are great, but I don't like the battery screen, or the security screen that pops up scanning every time I unlock my phone. I have tried to turn them off but they keep showing up. Get rid of those 2 things and I would give a better rating. Awesome

Whenever I use it, and the music on my phone is passing at the back, I am typing anything with the help of this keyboard the music instantly stops during the interval of my typing. It creates problem. Not bad

Nice keyboard. But while using handfree music automatically stops when u type so plzz let me know if there's any solution for this. Surprisingly

Great app I would definitely recommend this app.. Its so smooth and easy to use with tons of awesome emojis Fantastic

Something is wrong with the app i have to uninstall it and re install it too change skins Works perfectly

خوبه ولی توی حرف ﺽ به درد نمی خوره Amazing!

My Best Keyboard This app remains one of my best keyboard. Cool design and nice features. But please check, there is some bug, it keeps crashing in my infinix mobile phone these days. As I am typing it will just crash and stop working. Cool

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