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بد نیست ولی مشکلش اینه که بعضی از حروف کوچیک وبزرگ را اشتباه به کلمه میچسبونه که شاید تو ورژنهای جدیدش درست شده باشه Surprisingly

App si gud ! But additional add ao much UN tolerance . So much add and sum add is auto install in mobile Fabulous!

Verry nice when you type the letter qnd show the picture in the the keyboard i will inspired ....i oove it Worth a go!

Its very very usefull because u can choose any skin &exchange language easily Awesome

it disappeared suddenly and I couldn't find it even tho I didnt uninstall it Great!

When I downloaded this keyboard there was an option for using gifs.... But when I updated it... I dont see it anymore.... I downloaded this keyboard for gifs and emojis... But... It upsets me now that I downloaded it Fabulous!

I can not itrested this app This is very hard using app Plz dont west ur time and data Works perfectly

Its a great app and very usefull autocorrect functioning but when you go to use stickers they won't send. Plz fix and then I'll rate 5 stars Just wow

Its OK but one thing Is really pidsing me off The keyboards are amazing but the battery reminder is really geting on my nerves and pissing me off Good

I really like it but... Everytime I go onto a different app this app disappears from my home screen and I can never find it again. Other than that it's an awesome app. Just wow

Keyboard Very Nice Application My all Friends... Please Instal It as Fast as You All Can... wow lol

سلام، خوب هست اما کاشکی تو املای فارسی کمی قوی تر بود و بهتر غلط گیری میکرد. Works perfectly

1 min only So be quite I should not like that many people whatever one is able for many more!............. Just wow

Excellent Nice all the keyboards are fantastico , all the stickers are cool and the best thing i want to find in every app that nothing is lock in this app. Recommend

Advert free Can't you provide an advert free one even if we are to buy it, it'll be better that way. #advertfree pls :) Well done!!

Its fun but the letters is very thin . so the letters should be dark so that it is much easier love it

OMG LOVE IT!!! OMG!! I LOVE THIS APP!! Thanks guys love it Fantastic

Great app Lovely. I wish all those emoticons were compatible with fb n WhatsApp especially Highly Recommend.

Neha Chaudhary this is very nice I just love it,when I see this first time,I became fan of this... Flawless

Rika mandal I like it very much Worth it!

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