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App is pretty gud but the ad section is more irritating area which is enough reason to uninstall this app Perfect!

It's a really great keyboard app and I love the themes inside really easy to use and fun to doesn't hook for the fact that am a teen and I'll obviously text a lot... just wish u guys can add hologram theme 3d Fabulous!

Its an ok app, but i thought it would have the hologram thingy on. But at least make the users guarantee that the app says what its supposed to do. Brilliant

Quality keyboards but the only reason i downloaded the app was to have the 3d keyboard that projects onto a surface like it showed on facebook add but it doesnt not happy Brilliant

I think its awesome, if your phone is garbage that's your problem. upgrade losers Fabulous!

This I a really Cool website but they don't have the keyboard that actually goes on the table like in the ad and it had a dude typing on a red keyboard on a white table and actually typed but they do not have this in the app that's what you fix you should actually sell what they just had on the app and I would have liked it and I would have liked this app and this would have been my favorite app but for now I think my favorite app is Pandora or it would be Google Play Go well

من از این برنامه بسیار راضی هستم و از تمام دستبند کاراین که باعث می شوند این شرکت پا برجا بماند تشکر و قدر دانی می خوام که جواب مارا از این برنامه بسیار راضی هستم و Good

For me, it works very well on my cellphone and it's so easy to use. Congratulations to you for this app. Works perfectly

Keyboard is change but the words which i write and send is not change like the keyboard. So please any one can tell me who to change that Amazing!

All features are good but some advertisements are come into the mobile because of this app Go well

Hahahaha.... It's fantastic enjoyable keyboard!!! For sure I have realy love it Marvelous

Very nice and beautiful keypad..... I love it so much... U guy's do a very good job Good

I loved dis app it's full of emojis and keyboards am satisfied by dis lovely Omg

So much good keyboards and I told my friend nd she loves it so much thank you so much!!!!! ☺☺ Surprisingly

I like diz app bt so much of ad cmg btwen lock screen i hate dat so pls stop ads wow lol

I wanted to try it out because I saw in pet chat in hellopet and a finger drew the hidden leaf symbol from Naruto (I'M ADDICTED TO NARUTO WATCH ALL POSIBLE EPISODES OF DUBBED AND I'M REEEEEEAAAALLLLLY BORED NOW :D) Worth a go!

I ABSOLUTELY love this app, my phone doesn't come with Emojis so this is GREAT, also it works faster than my original keyboard and what I REALLY love is that u can choose your own keyboard background too! The reason I did not give this app 5 stars is bc/ when I turn on my phone it gives me an add and when I plug in my phone and unplug it interrupts what im doing and make slide through this add. Other than that it is a wonderful FREE app. Works great

Actually i download dis app but still its not working and not shown this icon icon in the display Fantastic

I personney think in my own oppipan that this app is good cuz instead of having a broing keypad you can have all types of keypads so that is y I give this app 5 Stars Omg

Really cool app. Its very easy to use. And it has alot of themes.Really enjoying. Must have

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