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Very pretty but no swyping :( If you like the iPhone keyboard this is probably a good comparison. This was the first ad from Instagram that I thought might actually pay off, but no. :( It's very pretty but a keyboard that's not a Swype/Swiftkey style is never going to work for me. Also you can't long-press for special characters, which is vital to me. 5 star

Flash Not a ton of skins but the ones they have are pretty cool. Would love to see more. Brilliant

Really good app Just wish when u sent a text i would be like a rain drop or something in stead of it being what it was before Enjoy it!

THE THEME OF KEYBOARD I love all the themes. They r soo pretty and make ma keyboard look cool and awesome. Worth a go!

Hate because of adds The keyboard is very good and have a good flow and smoothness but little bit tired of the adds. Please stop and remove all the adds. Good

Awesome I love what have read so far about this application but am finding it difficult to instal it..

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