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Please find some causes in this app because she is too more give ads in using keyboard Well done!!

keyboard pretty good ,just wish would be given the option to remove emojis you dont like on the built in emojis that are with the keypad. Surprisingly

Pleasant appearance with difference colours & variants. But only issue is tat it auto switches to clean mode.. Fast charging cleaning, lock screen cleaning & icon appears every 5 min on screen asking to clean RAM. This doesnt occur at the first place of installing this app but only later after use. Developers pls remove it unless opted by the user. Cuz it causes irritant to remove it from d setting always. Cuz even if removed, it switches back to cleaning automatically after some days. Brilliant

I gave it 5 stars for now I will delete every single one of them if the scanning doesnt stop I just updated so hopefully that will help if no 1 star and I delete Marvelous

I really do like the app but I'm getting sick and tired of every time I open my phone it pops up ads asking me if I want to clean out my phone can you please take that away it is extremely irritating Perfect!

I am going to uninstall it. Since i upgrade it it want to scan and clean my phone every 5 minuts. Great job

Awsome Pretty good

Plzzz make a skin of FCB you've made skins of Arsenal and Liverpool whom people don't give a damn about.. And yess plzz add some new emoticons like middle finger a emoticon with big tooth wearing Gglasss.. Plzz make'em Amazing!

The best keyboard i try it but the ads it realy realy realy anoying so i uninstale it Well done!!

you said this app was the best , its a lie! But I must say this before i submit this, you make this A best among all Just wow

.no need to make other theme app in mobile. Theme should be itself in flash app. Superb!

Sometimes u take a lot of time to load and download the keyboard skins. U could improve on that.. Otherwise, you're good.. Muito bom!

The app is good, but the notification is too annoying. How can I stop the notification? Amazing!

ചൂടു ഒരു ചെറിയ അരുവി പറഞ്ഞു തുടങ്ങി നിരവധി തവണ പരാതി നല്‍കി ആദരിച്ചു ഒരു, Perfect

This is very nice apps .I like it a.and also Download it .please .you can very nice key board .And also Love it. I am very satasfy this apas . Well done!!

यदि प्रचार के अनुसार काम करे तो पसंद किया जायगा । wow lol

Nice and easy to use but I'm having problem to download new keyboard.. It keeps on telling me no network while I'm using my data to download please tell me what to do or fix the problem for me because I need that keyboard. Thanks Enjoy it!

Best keyboard app I've found, but the theme selection isn't that great (then again, no keyboard apps that I've found have a good selection). I uninstalled for a little bit to find a different theme but I couldn't find another app as convenient. Superb!

I love with the keyboard and emoji but the ads are too many...i was playing my game and some ads bothering me and the ads are from this app...please remove the ads or I delete this app Works perfectly

I like it. S0metimes even my cellphone needs a change . the way one can change the background is awesome. Tnx Enjoy it!

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