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Error it had finally stopped. But no tournaments are available shows up when I try to play tournament mode. I'm like, "Wow, okay." Works perfectly

Do not use it, Slidejoy still gets money when you do, but you will not get anything. No carats. They should take it down because it doesn't work as stated in the description. The other app, Slidejoy lock screen does work though Enjoy it!

It actually works with the slidejoy app but, It won't let me connect to the server or go online. I was wondering if it was out of date but no, it's just an issue, should I delete it and re-download or? Great job

Flappy King app tournaments are down? I have enjoyed the game so far, I have made it to the top 5 a couple of times in flappy kings and has helped me accumulate more carats. I hope they fix this soon. Fantastic

I love the app but.. I love the app but recently it has been having errors and it won't let me play. It starts up and I can play the round but when the bird crashes, the loading screen just keeps loading until an error window pops up. I press retry but still nothing. I haven't been able to save my score for two days. Great job

Fun game Real money I have won a good bit of money the people complaining just aren't very good at the game however I will say to pay for a smaller bird in tournaments is kinda unfair I know you have to make money also and with the ads im sure you do but its still a free shot at some real money but thats why I couldnt rate it 5 so 4 out of 5 I still stand by my review this app is amazing except for paying in the tourney but I have won real cash thanks slidejoy! and the only people complaining are the ones who aren't very good! Flawless

It was almost perfect I don't know if there's too many users that causes it's servers to overload, but the last couple of days it's been glitchy. The movement is laggy, and it's actually killed me as if I'd hit a pipe but I was mid air. Once the lag is fixed, I'll boost it up to five stars. Good

LG Tribute 5 I need to uninstall and reinstall this app every time I want to use it, which gets very annoying. Works great on my HTC One m7 Pretty good

Error I love the app but I keep getting an error for the past 3 days saying there's no tournament available.. When there used to be a new tournament every day.. I don't understand, and would like it if someone could confirm that there are no tournaments right now or that there are and I have a glitch in my account.. Please help! I liked being able to earn carats this way! Good

Crashes ALL the time, won tournaments in 25th and 22nd place and only gave me 20 carats total. Aside from winning sweepstakes, looking at my reward history, it says I should have somewhere around 2000... wtf Brilliant

Low payout This app is fun but spending the time to earn coins to enter the tournaments and maybe only earning less than a dollar is a waste of time. Slidejoy please increase the payout so the app can be more enjoyable and attract more users. Brilliant

Flappy Kings The game is so addicting I can't put it down! Don't let it's simple look mislead you, it's harder than it looks. I love it! Pretty good

Doing really well! This is a way of earning passively. Not instant cash. I earn about 5-20 cents a day using this app, which is about $1.50 a month (not bad), but if more people played SlideJoy would get payed more because of the ads, which means rewards would increase. Overall, amazing app that I've had no trouble with. Enjoy it!

Good way to get free money This game is pretty cool but sometimes I will touch the screen and the bird doesn't jump fixing that is crutial to me getting a good score. Pretty good

I put one coin into the sweepstakes and actually got rewarded. :/ I don't think 1,280 people even entered the sweepstakes at all. You should only reward the people who put in the effort to win the sweepstakes and reward them more evenly. Surprisingly

Ad Glitch Half the time I watch one of the 20-30 second ads to get my 35 coins, I only received 3 coins, even though it says, "Congratulations, you have earned 35 coins for completing this ad". Also, sometimes I can't join a tournament and get a error message. A last suggestion is to make it so in the tournament the leaderboard shows you if you've placed, because I just did a tournament and got 600 or so points which would place me somewhere between 40th-80th, but I got no recognition so I'm not sure if it registered Must have

Please fix the item store Instead of "the only way you can get unlimited turnament entries and replace practice score with tournament score in micro transaction" can there a thing were were like 1000 or 5000 coins can get you a ticket so the people who will pay 100 or more dollars don't have such a big advantage over the people who don't have money to spend but actually play the game instead of cheating there way through, so you can have an avantage for grinding through the game. By the way WHY DID YOU ADD A ZERO TO THE MONEY THING. Great!

Big time Lags Now! Every time I play now after only a few games it gives me an error message & I have to Uninstall & then install again! Pls fix this it's driving me crazy! wow lol

Cool but one problem It won't let me use my coins in sweepstakes and stuff it says error when I try and won't let me use my coins please fix and I like this app its great Cool

amassing there is 2 things I need to say one the parona plant is missing a pixel and mabey shorten the sweepstakes time Worth a go!

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