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Good game but 2 points: loads of ads but even more annoying is the fact that game crashes so often on multiple devices! By solving the crashes i would certainly give 5 star.. Flawless

It's very addictive. I love.the challenge of it! I don't like that you have. To go through so many ads to "possibly" get a second chance at your level. Overall, I love the app. Please get rid of all the ads! Pretty good

Great work vodoo! Its a playable version of flappy bird and its waaay better! Im liking it. Recommend

I played this game almost my whole road trip to Houston tx it is very addicting and fun Enjoy it!

Its awesome but one thing there needs to be more of the roller coaster challenges my top is 105 Not bad

It's a great app, the only problem is there is way to many adds. Otherwise great additive app. Fabulous!

OMG It Is The Best Game Ever Great RipOff For Flappy Bird I Had Spotify On And I Fell Asleep Its So Relaxing :3 Shoutout To DaGames And VooDoo Great job

People if. There's so many adds just turn off WiFi network or data it's not that hard Brilliant

I love it I suck at basketball then I'm better at this game than basket ball one time I shot a hoop my friends laughed cause I shot it like I was throwing a foot ball I still made it though XD Works perfectly

Why do people complain about ads? A solution to it is simple just turn off your FREAKING WIFI OR DATA Anyways nice game Omg

Its fun and addicting to play. I've mostly played the challenges on regular and the mirror and I almost got through it my high score is 117 its really fun and I challenge my friends to see who can go the farthest Amazing!

the flames that show up every time when 3 swishes are made, makes the game lag. Could you please fix it Perfect

I really like this game!!im very addicted!! My highest and best score is 143!! please download It it's great!!Also VOODOO I love dune to! Go over and check out my comment there!! Awesome

It has some adds but is very addictive and fun. It also has many fun features like the flames . You can earn more balls that look really cool. I recommend if you are bored. Cool

The game is great except for the recurrent crashes. It's frustrating and would be nice to see it fixed in future releases. (My device is a Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0). Flawless

I love this app. I asked my friend if she wanted to play this it it was SO FUN! Only thing is it takes FOREVER to load Worth a go!

I like it because I am not good at basketball and this is how I learned and know in P.E. I can play basketball! Highly Recommend.

The game is GREAT overall and my high score is 410 but the only thing I would like this game to have is analytics. Really hope the developers add analytics to the game in the next update. Recommend

This game is the best!!! When the hoops all form together like a roller coaster, it's so satisfying to see the ball go through all of the hoops. Also, you can do challenges and if you don't want to do challenges, then you can also just do the one that isn't a challenge! Superb!

Super addictive. I always play this game when I'm bored. I love how you can customise the ball, wings and hoops ***** defo five stars Enjoy it!

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