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A fitting tribute to one of the worst thing's to come out of 2014.(this is a great game, great job!) Muito bom!

You are a professional for putting ghosts in this game, I love the grim reaper pipes and the ghost costume, ghosts are my #1 favorite things in the world, I give this 5 stars ✨ Superb!

I honestly think it is amazing and addictive. For the people who don't like it you should play it more often it's really good Amazing!

It's the best game you get the revenge on the birds and there are powers my favorite one is the inferno the birds turn to turkey Go well

One of the best retro games I've played. Beautiful grafics and nice and easy controls. Just wow

I think it's a good game to play if you want to get revenge on the flappy bird game. Worth it!

I enjoy it after a long stressful day at school its so relaxing to play and i love killing the neean cats Fantastic

Well it's good but then I found flappy bird on it and now I haven't played flappy crush :( Worth it!

Best time waster ever! Not too many ads which I don't mind. Its so fun. I'm happy that I saw this game on my SIS's phone. subscribe to my YouTube channel the Gamer Captains Fabulous!

This game is fantastic, a fun little way to pass the time and release some tension. I have one weird issue though, whenever I turn off my tablet, when I turn it on again this app is uninstalled. (Thank you for the automatic cloud saving, by the way) I'm not sure why this is keeps uninstalling itself, just thought I'd let you know. Perfect!

It's actually great on road trips, boring lives, and just when you when you want to pass time. Superb!

For anyone who hates flappy bird and it's clone games , GET THIS GAME! Super simple yet addicting gameplay, and strait up satisfying. Thanks for clarification on the Athena pipes. Enjoy it!

Game is addicting and fun. Want to take our your anger on innocent little birds, nyan cats, doge, and more? Then download for free and destroy them !! Must have

Well its a very addicting game flappy bird was very hard but now YOU CAN GET REVENGE ON THE BIRDS And i love the game so much fun developers pls make more games like this. Superb!

Only one problem the app keeps uninstalling itself but this is probably just an issue with my phone Go well

I love this game so much if you hate Flappy Bird and all its copies just download it it's a really good game I love it by the way I have no idea whoever made this game cuz it's silly funny and pretty much everything Superb!

Game is great and it feels nice I don't really have much to say on it it's just one of those classic games not too bad not too good but I would definitely recommend this just one of my friends Pretty good

If you get mad at the original bird then dowbload this game to crush them all(evil laugh) Works great

I love this game I think that it is awesome and an amazing game I could and can play this game all day even my 4 year old brother loves this game. So if I could give it more than 5 stars I would give it a 10/10 Fabulous!

This was the only thing that I would have been able to do that was fun. This game is a must have. If you don't give this game five Just wow

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