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Simply the Best flashlight app ! This is simplicity personified, this is what people want. Not with bells and whistles. Less is more !

Morse code encoder. Pretty good

I love the lock screen widget feature too. Brilliant

Unobtrusive flashlight app Uses camera's led, but will not send packets to the Internet without my permission.

Simple but not ugly I love its simplicity. One button on its only screen. You choose if exiting the app turns off the LED. you choose if the app auto turn on the LED on start. You also have a widget.

Good I've tried lots and I keep coming back to this as it does exactly what I want on note 4

Works well Even though lollipop has a flashlight toggle in the pulldown menu, this is faster, and works like a charm.

Beautiful, Simple, Works well It's a great torch/flashlight which looks smart, works cleanly & is easy to use on KitKat on Nexus 5. I'm about to uninstall now as Lollipop has a torch app built in, so I don't need it anymore, but would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for one. It also has a few timer features which the stock Lollipop flashlight doesn't have. It also has an easier to use larger button than the Lollipop app if you have cold or wet fingers or have trouble using small icons.

Finally a flashlight working on the lock screen Unfortunately the widget works only at the second time it is turned on on the lockscreen but otherwise it does what it is supposed to do.

Good I really like the simplicity, quickness, and brightness of this app. I just really wish I could dim the light. I sometimes go to bed after my husband, and the ability to dim the light would be awesome. If it had that I'd give this 5 stars.

Perfect! Will be missed... This app does exactly what it says. I've used it a very long time, and the one bug I experienced was fixed promptly. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much point in using it anymore, as Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has no lock screen widgets, and torch functionality is built into the OS. A big thank you to the developer! It was great while it lasted.

Simple. Fast. Excellent. Unlike other flashlight/torch apps like "Tiny Flashlight + LED", this app is by far the fastest and most responsive. Launches quickly, turns on & off remarkably fast and looks like it should come stock with Galaxy Nexus. One should also keep in mind that this app does not need so many intrusive permissions, unlike other apps. Five stars, keep up the good work.

At least it doesn't steal data But the latest update introduced a widget bug - doesn't work upon first press. But it's small and non-intrusive, so thanks for that :)

Love it Works exactly as described. I used it last night and it worked completely letting me use it when the phone was locked and was able to use the widget instead of having to open up the app. This is the fastest one to turn on and the other ones have to open an app and take 10 seconds more to turn on. Recommend this to all nexus users.

Looks good but awkward to use App used to be good but recently it has really annoying behavior of turning light off whenever orientation of phone changes. So if you're walking with the light on it will often turn off if you're not holding it exactly right. So, rotation bug not fixed on nexus 4.

Simple and Practical. Beats the crap out of any app out there. Because it "just works", no bells and whistles or useless crap. Oh yeah and it works on Highscreen Boost (Innos D9)

How it should be This is what I expected a flashlight app to be: small, simple, non-invasive, and well-executed. No ridiculous 4+MB download. Not a lot of unnecessary frills and whiz-bang overblown features. No requests to know my location, WiFi password, social security number, and what I ate for lunch yesterday. Just a simple flashlight with a simple widget at a 1/3MB download. Going to kick the tires for a little while, and if all is well, I'll gladly update to the donate version.

Perfect. Small size, looks good and doesn't ask for a ton of unnecessary permissions. Widget is quick and responsive on my Nexus 5.

Safe to use for S4 Note that the only permissions involved are using the camera/light and keeping the screen from sleeping. Many other flashlight widgets need an Internet connection and access to parts of your phone they have no business accessing. Simple, honest app.

Amazing app If it does not work on your phone, move the app to internal storage... The nexus flashlight widget will work!

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