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PLEASE have more free dance moves Enjoy it!

Might keep all the levels unlocked and make sure you can text people like on the game and all the closing stuff should be a lot 5 star

Hey there I'm thinking you like this app and this app is very good and I have sooooooooo much fun and you like this app Fabulous!

I like this game so much l rate it 5 stars very good game make games like this game. Good

I think that it is not that great but it is kind of good because it somewhat what I'd play 5 star

I love this game so much I can't stop playing it its amazing!! Pretty good

It's a nice game I love her phone but lot of things are lock and everything is perfect Worth it!

It's an amazing game as I have told you that I love and like coco play games so I like this game Must have

I think its a great way for girls to play this game so when they become older they can exercise and I just love this game so much. Fantastic

It is an awesome game but any things need to be unlocked. Till here no problem but the payment for unlockings is in money. There are hospital , spa and photobooth which need to be payed. You guys also put unlocking in the levels that we can play. I hate this thing a lot that once you have unlocked something by watching video its automatically locked again . Hated it. Overall I would like to say do not download this game . I HATE THIS GAME ALOT Good

I liked the game it has lots of features and activities but the problem is most of the items of this game,are locked i really want to request coco games to make all the items free then they will get more players.This is the only problem for which i have rated this game with 3 stars.I really don't know why they need so much money... Works perfectly

This game is mavelous ,super,awesome,fantastic and the best game ever. If you stamble across this game,I advise you to download it and tell me what you think about it. wow lol

So cool!! But there is one thing I DEFINITELY want the good deal to not be there and let you get everything free because . I'm to my saying that could just tiny bit better. Brilliant

It is good but freezes often which means i cannot play the game propely. Please fix. Fantastic

This is the best game but some boys or girls are saying it is boring or are there are too many ads but it is not right it is very best game for girls and tab tale games can be played by boys also it is very cute game and competitor Omg

This game is the best!!!! I liked it the most thats why I gave it 5 star . But there are many ads . but I cross it and start playing this game is not at all boring . But the half of the game is locked and the sale game is also nice Go well

i is an awsome game. i love how realistic it is. one of the best games i have ever played, but you need to buy the pagage so you can do everything. Awesome

Love it but maybe you could on the restaurant you could add a water that takes the food from her and gives it to her Good

This is the best game ever :P just can you make less things needed to be paid pls thanks :D Worth it!

Nice Games Keep Kids busy and it's really nice has no bad words and it's for free. Works great

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