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The best app. This app has many workouts explain with the dumbbells and bar so if you don't have machine to workout, it's okay. In this app you can not only see the workouts but you can also make your own plan according to your need... Worth a go!

This is a fantastic app! Great workouts great training videos. Only thing is..... Can you put cheaper and easier meal plans on here as it cost $60+ to make plan 1 day 1. love it

i loved it downloaded from the reference my brother just i viewed all workouts .. really i am happy to see here like this app i can say here really i will enjoyyy very well Chersssss guys Good

Great app... the workout are amazing and help you take out the planning on what you have to do.. only thing I would change is making it a little easier to find optional exercises for ones that are given to you if you don't have the right equipment or machine to do that exercise in the plan.. but over all great app.. love it

Everything is good but i think u guys need to add how many sets for each excercise and even diet plan....other than that it's a useful app Amazing!

تطبيق ممتاز مع وجود فديوهات للتمارين وبرمانج تدريبية Awesome

Awesome app with allot of information. Pro version also has a meal plans for Mass building and fat burning. Overall very good app to help you with all your fitness needs Go well

Really nice app with a variety of different exercises for each muscle group which helps to change up routines. Another nice feature is it has a good mix of exercises that do and do not require weights to do. love it

Great app I learned a lot of good techniques from this app. Best one I have used. Recommend. Cool

The app itself is great, with an excellent UI, lots of exercises and good variety of trainings - I could easily give it 4 or even 5 stars, but... I bought the Premium package that theoretically should give me access to all content of the app, but now, a few months after the purchase, I see that some trainings are blocked, requiring me to purchase each separately. I have already tried to "restore purchases" within the app, it shows a "success" message, but nothing changes. I have also emailed the developer two times about this, but got no response. So, I'll give it only one star untill I get refund or get what I paid for. Not bad

Edit; Thank you very much for the 2x nutrition plan. Very useful!!! Well done! I found everything I need to do great workouts sessions. This + good alimentation = amazing results. Must have

I think this is the best workout app around! Download it and try for yourself! Super convenient and clear. wow lol

Is the best app ! very helpful and practice , is a really good jobs really ! Congratulation . Recommend

I hate green beans I like carrots my daddy's the tooth fairy tooth fairy tooth fairy unt unt unt unt unt unt unt Perfect!

Great.... But it's much better if u replace that white background video with normal one Works perfectly

This app shows good form for many lifts. But I see it is missing out on some lifts needed. Like the outside curl to workout the second muscle strand in your bicept to thicken your arms side to side. Great app though Highly Recommend.

Great app for a solid beginner's work out are for someone trying to get back into it! love it

The best fitness app I've ever used. You can create custom workouts that track your reps and weight. You can even upload custom images and instructions to add exercises they don't have in their database. Brilliant

good app overall has nutrition plans and variety of exercises. note to devs : images for the hammer curl are wrong and does not represent the exercise Go well

I enjoy the app i paid the 2.99 and have access to everything worth wild. This app continues to impress I recommend to anyone Worth it!

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