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signed in with my weight watchers pid and password and it works great. Just scroll and pic what you want to do. Go well

No time, no problem. Everyone has a minute. That's all it takes. Great app, highly recommend!! Omg

I really like this app, but I noticed that it doesn't save my goal and it isn't tracking the number of exercises I've done. I did 4 today and it only has 2 completed. If this issue got resolved I would give it 5 stars. Perfect!

So easy to do! Even with my joints flaring, I was able to get in a workout. No more will my hips keep me from exercising! Awesome

I like the exercises and videos, well geared to my complete couch-potato-ness. But my fitbreak pts didn't transfer to the WW app. Am I doing something wrong? love it

Good app most of the time. It is supposed to sync up with your weightwatchers account, but it only works about half the time. But the variety of one minute activities is pretty good. Even have seated activities. Highly Recommend.

I love this app but it only syncs some of my FitPoints to my WW. If I earn several Fit Points it only syncs 1-2 to my WW app! Surprisingly

A bit difficult to figure out the way it connects to my WW app but the exercises are making it a lot easier for me to some quality fitness breaks done, for which I am grateful! Just wow

Love this. Would like to be able to search by area I want to work on. Also don't know how to make my own video. Marvelous

Doesn't sync with WW automatically I like this app a lot but don't understand why the FAQ says it automatically syncs with the WW app when it doesn't actually do this. Misleading and disappointing. 5 star

I like the concept and the exercises are very easy to do. I wish there were more work outs! Excited to see what you guys do with the app and where it will go in the future. Superb!

Mixed emotions. I love this app BUT...I wish it actually connected to my weight watchers app and automatically adjusted my fit points so I didn't have to go do it manually. If you fix this one thing I will gladly give it 5 stars. Recommend

Useful Tool Very useful. Can't see that it links to my eTools account and adds earned fit points...? Better way to search for specific exercises would be helpful. Great job

Wonderful start Great motivator at work, creative work exercises. Needs to add more videos for more diversity of muscles worked. Overall though I never worked out this consistently Well done!!

The fit points it shows me I've gotten are not the same that sync up to the ww app Just wow

Great but could be better. I love the exercises. I just wish the fitpoints would automatically sync to my weight watchers account. Perfect!

Server Error. App downloads to phone but asks you to register. I've made multiple attempts and all I get is a server error message. Hopefully they are reading these complaints and will fix the problem soon. Cool

username was not my email??!!! I had to call to figure that ok..but once they told me i was using the wrong thing i was able to get in no problem....I have been looking for little workouts I can do at my desk without looking completely crazy. And this gives me just that. I love that some of them i can do at my desk or on my walk around the building honestly I can do some in my car while I sit in traffic. Great why to keep your heart rate up. I wish they had a better way to filter the workouts but im happy with the app. Works great

It's Awesome I love the app! I am just trying to find quiet alone places at my job to do my exercises. I don't have an office and some of the people around me are so negative. So I do them in the am before anyone gets here and do more at home. Now that I understand how it works I will be doing so much more. Marvelous

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