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I reached level 250 before writing this review. Out of those 250 levels, I was maybe able to complete 25 levels without relying on some type of power up. They get expensive after awhile and you just get tired of knowing every level will cost you $. Works great

Very addictive..But you really need to give us our diamonds we earned on our Own. Some of us just can't afford to spend money on these games. NO matter how good they are. But it a good way to pass the time love it

As with many others, really liked it at first. After a while, you get to a point where it seems you can't get past the levels without buying things. It gets frustrating that you can't past a level & end up having to play the level over & over. Also time period to refresh tries is way too long. Again, TOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! Great job

The beginning levels are easy. After that it gets harder to pass the levels. The timed level are getting almost impossible to pass. This game is better for people who have $ to spend all the time. The rest of us have to wait months to spin daily to win stuff to help pass each and every level. How else can one pass such hard levels???? I would like this to be a PC game as well. Must have

It's fun and exciting! Well put together, however, I don't like the fact that I have to buy the very diamonds I have earned. I guess it's another proof nothing is free. I am not going to spend any money on this or any other games anymore. I have been ripped off so many times. It is a great game aside from that. Enjoy it!

This is in the top two games I have played. Great graphics. Only thing wrong is not being able to earn more diamonds in a fairer fashion. Am to level 147 and impossible to win without buying diamonds. You should be able to purchase diamonds with some of your gold coins. Then the game would be perfect. Please consider doing that or I will probably delete. Am sure others feel the same way.(update)at level 151. Impossible unless u buy. Deleting game. Real shame. Was great game. One of the best.Update 01/17just as impossible. Level 154 impossible to win in the time allowed. Brilliant

I move pieces clearly in the space to make a bomb and doesn't happen. I think this is because I have spent money and these moves would've clearly helped me win level without using diamonds. If this doesn't change then I wont play Great job

I play the game daily to relax. Keep the game, with the cute colorful animated fish. Nice that we have many different choices of what we can put in the fish tank. The game is great. My only complaint with the game is I must buy the purple coins I've earned for $2.99. I find this to be utterly wrong. Fix this please. Still love the game. Well done!!

Great addicting game. The only thing I would like to see changed is the prizes in the pearl collecting contest. I once came in like 8th place and still got the same reward as of I was in 39th place. So you have to be #1 to even get a good prize. It was a bit disappointing since I also spent money to get to 8th place. Go well

I just cant stop. Addictive game. Awesome graphics, realistic aquarium decorations and love the animation! It it a super fun interactive game for all ages. I love how much unlimited time it allows you to earn free and the opportunity to connect with real people. I love my fishdom friends ive made. Allows for more game time! Fabulous!

I don't like the fact that the gems are saved in a whale and I have to pay for them after I have spent much time earning them. That is not fair. I bought them once because I was stuck but will not do so again. I will have to end the game and delete the app if I get stuck again. Too bad because the game is very fun and I love building the fish tanks. Cool

I LOVE this game it's challenging and enjoyable. It's a great way to relax instead of hurting my brain or feeling like I'm being conned for more money at every turn. I 've played many different games on here and this one is the best. Thank you. Must have

There are a few quirks that become increasingly annoying the higher the level. First is the 'power-ups' that are selected before you even see how bad the opening "roll" of the level might be. The second is that the tiles can match even before the rest of the tiles fall. This quirk becomes evident when you watch a color match and the watch the same color match in the same spot that would have given you a bomb. I play when this game when I run out of lives on the other match-3 games. Omg

I really love this game. I play it daily, and each level becomes harder, and demands more concentration. The only criticism i have of this game is that there is no facility to exchange the coins you collect upon completion of each stage, to buy diamonds to enable you to finish the stages when almost complete, you actually have to purchase them for real. Other than that once you build your aquariums up, feed your fish, and add all of your plants and novelties to them, then they become rather beautiful, and fish are quite cheeky when they speak to you. Fantastic game !!! Awesome

One of my favorites. Addictive, cute characters, many challenging, but not impossible levels. It's the only game whose characters interact with you. Each one has different personalities(fishialities?) One of my favorites. It's incredible that Fishdom comes from the same company than Gardenscapes and Homescapes. In those you can be stuck in the same level for a week, and when you finaly clear the hellish level you only advance a little bit. , you love it

I loved this game! enjoyed playing with fish's in the aquarium. I play every day and it will give relax to my mind.I love a LOT this game. In this game we find enjoyed by playing and we will be come fans of fish's so go and install tis game and enjoy by playing . Some times I will not have life's to play in that time I feel bad . In this game they are so many rewards in that time we feel happy to continue the game . Pretty good

This game is fun and challenging, I like it but it only gives you very few prizes such as blow ups and diamonds. Those are neede in order to play some of the levels, It would take days, maybe even weeks to build up enough prizes to even start playing again Superb!

I play every chance I get. I so sick and tired of play I v winning nothing and having to play the same level for days. Understand this I will not spend money I don't have on a game. I'm disabled and this is what helps me pastime. I am having surgery to remove a brain tumor..and getting g ready to delete this dam game. Level 1018 and have been given nothing for been loyal. Awesome

Just gets so frustrating sometimes I think you can't get passed a level unless you pay and I do want to pay I like that you can still get coins and things even if you don't pass a level it is the only game I have ever wanted to keep playing. I love the fish cheering me on but going to give it up if someone can't tell me how to get passed level 76 I have tried everything!!! Well done!!

Love this game and I can't think of any better game it is so good. Too good to play any other game. Never have I ever seen a game as good as this. So happy to have started playing this game. Download this app. It just relieves stress it relaxes you and it just prevents boredom Just wow

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