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Apart from the other comments/issues.. Would like to highlight a major bug. The score doesn't get higher than 2.15B(while updation), even though i score an excess of 4B. Would be great if developers have a look into it. Must have

This game is prone to lagging. In this game, lagging means the balls don't make contact with the blocks. Thus, you die. A lot. Make a lower graphics setting optional with no block destruction effect. Great!

LESS ADS PLEASE Has anyone noticed that all Voodoo games has ads after every time u have a shot of the game? This is how they get money but I think that if u have less ads then it will be a better game and more people will download it. Plese try and get rid of some of the adverts because it is really frustrating having an ad pop up every time u play the game. It annoys me so much that I always end up uninstalling it so please try and get rid of the adverts. Great!

I can give it 5 stars if you put my suggestion.. you can give rest to add for 1 min. Like if my game over multiple times in a min it should not keep showing ads .Its frustrating. Works great

It's too simple minded. I guess if your looking for a false sense of accomplishment and don't want to work that hard this game is for you. It reminds me of an Atari game. Recommend

I love this game. It really helps if you have anxiety problems like i do. Plus its too adictive not to play. If you could add more powers then that would be great. Plus i love the way you can upgrade your tank and choose what perk you want. My favourite is power as it helps alot during sticky situations like when you have three layers of 13K health blocks!!! Altogether a fun addictive game that kills time!!! Good

I love this game but could you do my 2 requests. 1 please let us pay to get rid of ads as they are so annoying and 2 please add a 1v1 game mode were you use Wi-Fi or hotspot to connect and you are in the same game at the same time and whoever dies first lose Perfect

Game is way too easy. Once you have a little power you can just leave it to run right up the middle and you will never get hit. The pattern repeats to frequently to make it interesting. Good

The game is fun for a little while, but after you unlock the power shooter it's really easy and not challenging. I say in the middle of the screen with the shooter going for over a half hour and the only reason I failed was because I touched the screen. Brilliant

Extremely fun and addicting but I do have an issue with it. I have been experiencing regular crashes, they happen when I die the screen just keeps scrolling and I can't do anything so I have to restart the app. This is quite annoying but apart from that the game is amazing. Just wow

WAY TOO MANY ADS ok, I get that you need money and you get money from putting ads in games but every time I die it plays an add maybe make it like every 3 or 4 times but not every single time. but great great game play great graphics and just a great game in general. Works perfectly

Very awsum and addictive game ... Great time killer... The reason for not giving 5 is ads... Some ads are ok but it's like way too many ads and all ads are video ads which makes me more pissed off... Otherwise it's a 5 star game... And u should also add a pause button Recommend

Very awsum and addictive game... Great time killer... but too much ads make it worse and all ads are of videos which makes me more pissed off... Worth it!

WAY TOO MANY ADS. What ever happened to the basic app based games with a banner ad, and that's it? This interrupts game play so badly, its No longer fun. See 2084 for the way these simple games should be designed. Fabulous!

this game is too awesome right now I'm playing this from last 1 hr continuously but the worst thing is add.... everytime add occurs this is so irritating.....plz decrease the amount of this please. Recommend

The game play is fun until you collect everything, there's a serious bug; the score is only 32-bit signed integer, which means score will never go above 2.15B even that I collected 10B in a game, but nothing changed after that. After you collect everything, there's nothing else you can do, I believe there are many ideas that Voodoo can implement. Highly Recommend.

It's a great game but there is too many ads. Every time a games ends, it pops to and ad. The game is s good play and you can just sit in the middle, do nothing and not move to collecting points to up grade. That's because the course repeats, not very challenging. Not bad

It needs to update bc everytime I get more then 2.15 Billion points It don't give me all my points to update.....It's pretty annoying. Other then this issue and the occasional shut down it's a fun great game that I enjoy. Muito bom!

It's freezing up on me for the past 3 days . my score is 1.03 million. it's like they don't want you to get any higher . here I am asking to please fix this game. I had a high score of 20.8 billion and does not let me get pass 2 .15 billion it didn't give me the points Brilliant

Gotta say been playing for days without a hitch no problem. Just hit my new best of 54 million so stoked as hell. Keep up the great work. Stupid addictive! But great. 5 star

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