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Awesome wallpapers and the effects are amazing and beautiful, only wish there were less pop up ads. Great job


Very Good wallpaper App, it's so cool because you can add wallpaper without cropping it. Really like it, appreciate it. Great!

How do you set the wallpaper.I download it and hit set wallpaper and said it had an error and to set it manualy.1 star love it

I LOVE THIS WALLPAPER! I completely understand the amount of ads, but still, a five star! App design isn't the best, but it works. Just the actual wallpaper is AWESOME! Worth it!

this app is AMAZING!!!! it was free and it's helping me when I'm getting bored, the effects are awesome and so cool to look at them! Works great

Honestly, the app itself is crammed with ads, but the effects are nothing short of stunning. Enjoy it!

Maybe make the fire and ice have like a burn or vape effect in the design itself would make it perfect Awesome

Love this app! Graphics are brill. Worth the ads annoyance. This app will only get better. Great rendering by the way! Highly Recommend.

I laugh so much Worth it!

Beautiful live wallpaper but the ads suck big time I strongly suggest and request adding a remove adds option $1.99 is a good price for that some ads kill battery capacity and add junk images that don't show in the gallery I hate ads for that reason wow lol

I like it because it's the water and fire elements and you can't write I mean make the a different Movement Like Animals little waves and yeah and I'll Enjoy it!

This a very very very good app who is creator this app you need this a five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thanks again for this app Great job

This app is AWESOME! It was free for me, so I had nothing to lose in trying it. Totally customizable, beautiful (eye candy) and fun! I don't normally do reviews, but I feel strong about this app, and sharing my experience with it. Enjoy it!

I've downloaded at least 20 live wallpaper apps and I've deleted all of them except for this one I love it Not bad

My tablet won't keep the wallpaper on everyday it's back to the same old same old theme Fantastic

I like it because it gives me something to do when I am in public and people actually doing something but I not Perfect!

Was looking for wallpaper that made it easier to read battery precentage and other notices at top of Home screen. This app great. Black back ground makes it easy to see battery % and also nice wallpaper motion wow lol

Awsome double tape to bring up setings and make ur own live wallpaper highly recommended Go well

Honestly its a good app I would rate five stars if fire n water moved and also my finger no where near the app and I tap the screen it opens ANNOYING Great job

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