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I like it because when I do my other hand for the other side, it says i have true romance.I love myself! Works great

I like this App very much because this app is very useful to me to find my my my love percentage Worth it!

I did this with my crush and he was like omg we love each 100% then kissed me so thank you for making my crush like me and I never told him that its fake lol Go well

Very much for this app being out you guys are the best company ever thanks for your communication well I mean dority and operation stuff thank you very much thanks for your help have a good Christmas Works great

Cool!!! I did it to myself and got 99%. I'm soul mates with myself. Recommend

This game is good but what I don't understand is, is that people can't read it says prank it isn't actually real its a joke Must have

I used mi own thumbs & it said 75% Perfect!

Hahahah I tested it. It is fake but funny. I have pot my both thumbs on either and side it said 99%love . Surprisingly

I may of pranked myself by using my own fingers, kinda boring but funny at the same time! Recommend

You illiterate 8-year-olds, it says prank RIGHT in the NAME of the APP. I literally downloaded this game just to review it. It does not scan your fingerprints because it is a prank. Therefore, it randomly generates numbers from 0-100 adding the % in it. I even tested it on myself and got 99%. I do have a high ego but, does that really mean anything? The answer is no. It is a prank. I got advice for you. Go to a school, at this point ANY school. Just wow

Didn't you guys study the Alphabet? If you didn't you can start all over from preschool It's not too late Highly Recommend.

Dear lovers, Thank you for making this game with no ads because somehow I do not like ads. Which is probably pretty weird. Amazing!

I think its awsome and i know its just a prank but me and the boy i like got a hundered next time make it only say yes Muito bom!

What why did you make the thing I love my mum 100 percent it only said 51 persent Amazing!

The ppl who dont like this are buzz kills. I tried this with my crush and the results were true romance. Perfect

If you have a crush then trick them with this they will be shock when they see the result! Perfect!

Thx I moved and I'm inviting the girls and who ever has the better score we (both) will date Recommend

This is a good game what I want to say that this game has disc in does not show us real thing this is just a joke Superb!

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