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Great tool for discovering all machines on your current network. can perform WOL to a turned off PC, if u know the MAC address. Just what I needed. Fingbox is amazing! Great job

Very useful when all your IP addresses are being doled out by DHCP and you need to know what one of them is. Omg

As an IT professional it is the best tool I have. It's fast, easy to use and always accurate. Amazing!

This is a good app but it need to refresh every time. without refershing it does not detect any new device, device turn off or on. please solve this problem Works great

Not sure how to use all of Fing, but extremely helpful allowing me to regulate the people using my very old router! Fabulous!

A very useful and precise app. I have tried many other similar apps but they all pale in light of this. A must for your toolbox Pretty good

Does what it says and identifies devices by maker. Good app for checking what is connected to your network. 5 star

Unfortunately the Android version of the app does not work with multiple networks at least on up to date Android Oreo (Nexus 5X, Android Oreo 8.1.0). If you have your home network scanned and saved and then scan a new network it merges the devices of the new network into your home network. The iOS app does allow multiple saved networks with independent scanning. Flawless

One of the most useful tools there is for monitoring what is on your network. As other have reported. Android app now marks all networks as 'unknown ssid' and merges all devices from all networks. Perfect

Great app... Iam able to control wifi and wired connections.. turn on or off, each kids access to the network/internet. Brilliant

Great app. I use it to get get knowledge of what is connected to my network. Info about my devices. The greatest thing is WOL. Pretty good

Excellent concise app for getting to see things specifically detailed on a network you logged in to Awesome

Being able to scan all devices on a network and return this much data is both exceptional and in my job necessary! Cool

Needs the ability to scan an exact range so I'm not wasting time on a wide network! Works great

Interesting to see how many people are using my internet cafe at the same time as I am. Perfect!

Finally a great app from an honest developer! Fing performs everything as stated. Identified all the devices on my network. Valuable information about connected devices and detects newly connected. I like the way it performs and all around great app. No third-party ads. But a little heavy on promotion for fingbox. A little less force-feeding of new Fingbox would be appreciated Worth it!

Deadly! Keep the updates coming. Excellent tool to monitor your network. Digital fence is awesome, can't wait for improved functionality. Worth a go!

Awesome basic network troubleshooting tool. Easy to use and provides basic information such as IP address and device names on the connected network. Not bad

Very useful tool, now being able to sync networks via Google acct and Fingbox for constant monitoring is good. Enjoy it!

Quick and effective. Great for finding troublesome devices IPs for config or access. I don't need to write down the ips anymore just run a quick scan 5 star

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