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Annoying notifications. I have 128GB of internal storage, of which 80GB is unused. Why does the app keep notifying me of how to free up one gigabyte when I still have plenty of space left? Response to dev: Yes I know that, but why does the app even suggest deleting files when I still have tons of space left on my phone? Shouldn't it only do this if I'm running low on storage space? Response 2: Thanks, I left some feedback straight from the app. Great job

Until the App can move files into folders; until it can create the folders when and as needed; and until it can move whole folders with their contents; and do this all so other device apps as well as a PC can recognize in real time, without a restart, the changes made to the file / storage system, the App is merely a cute toy without real utility. It certainly doesn't compete with the likes of Alcatel's File Manager (which is only minimally useful) or ES File Explorer (which has 'real time' file system update problems). Files Go has a long way to go, though the developers do require a PST on the head. Fantastic

Could be very helpful but it asks me to delete unused files/apps that I use quite often. Also I'm really unsure about the remove duplicate files option. I'm concerned about whether it's gonna remove one file or both. Anyway except for those issues it's usable enough for now. Fantastic

Just started using this and it works great. Found and removed numerous files I didn't know were on my devices. Just wow

No more digging around to get rid of unused and unwanted files. This app is quick and really easy to use. Amazing!

Excellent app! A really clean, simple UI that automatically finds potential "big wins" for gaining back space (downloads, large files, data that could be moved to the SD card, etc) and within 5 minutes I freed up about 1 GB on my 16 GB phone! Good work, Google. Well done!!

Spammy! Intends to leave one with no kitten photos to make room for space to exist. Is this what makes space expand? Good

Some features missing but that's understandable. It's in its early days. Able to preview files, provide cleaning suggestions and last but not least, having a reliable file explorer. Try to improve your temporary/residual files scanner by the way. Nevertheless, thanks for finding files for me that I didn't know existed before. Now I got some GBs of spaces back thanks to that. Also, the UI does need improvements. It doesn't have the vibe of a Google product. Muito bom!

Very good app! Delete things you don't use. Find things you didn't know you had. Awesome

Wow, this App by Google is way cooler and far more effective than anything I have seen. Even paid cache manager apps don't come upto this level. Cool

Very well made app and does exactly as it describes ..... No more .... But no less . The UI is clean and smooth with navigation made a ease. It also has some system basic tools grouped together so I can use those as well. Surprisingly

Only been using it 5 minutes, so I don't know what if anything is going to be wrong with it. They just asked me this soon to write a review so I'm doing it. So far seems really intuitive and easy-to-use. Great job

I normally don't rate Apk's, but this one has real potential. It has a great user interface and layout. I find myself using this on my Pixel 2 XL frequently. I will review the App again, but feel that there's room for improvement. Mainly, the need for a file details tap/option on the Storage Page. So I can see were the file is located on the partition before deleting said file (ie: location(drive internal/external)/ folder where the file is located/ full file name). This would come into play on duplicate file deletion option and also for photos that are saved to my phone. Since I have my phone backup pictures to Google Drive (a free unlimited option that came w/ the purchase of the Pixel 2 & 2 XL). But sometimes it will delete from the Google Drive and not the phone internal storage. Thus, the file path and location is a key feature that is missing and would make this App 5⭐, once updated. Thanks Go well

I have reinstall this app several times but it keeps crashing. Kindly look into this issue. The app keeps crashing on my Galaxy J5 Prime. Kindly fix this issue. Recommend

Surprisingly useful, and more trustworthy than the usual companies doing this kind of app. Good to make space. love it

I'm not very good with organizing and I'm looking for the simplest way to accomplish that. One reviewer said that he found stuff that he didn't know existed in his phone and I had the same experience. Thing is I'm like what do I do with this? I know cancelling duplicate files is a must, but there was so much stuff, I didn't know where to start and then I started to worry about deleting things I might need! Superb!

Some of the .mkv format video are not supported by file go please fix it. In app section please add system app. Please add a trash or recycle bin option. And add a function to share files to computer. Worth it!

That is good app but some feature missed that we moved one file to other folder id you add this feature that is best app. Must have

It's an awesome app to share files b/w smart phone devices and Google Cloud but its unable to transfer files over IP. Please enable this feature so someone can share files between multiple devices like Laptop, mobile etc. 5 star

The app doesn't display audio song's album arts despite displaying them for video files. There is no feature to view the mobile phone system information like in Cleaner. Very intuitive app and it can only get better though. Muito bom!

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