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Its the best app as it becomes difficult to delete so many things Manually,Google has done lots of Good things,though very few times it lacks but it depends upon the information availability. Perfect

It's straightforward and to the point. Google finds the perfect balance between simple user friendly control and immediate effective results. ..If that's not excellent marketing strategy I don't know what is. Works great

This is brilliant! Very easy method to discard or delete files that aren't important. Basically, it lays it on a platter for you to review and delete in a few seconds. Smart! love it

Very nice & a necessity to have for every mobile phone user. A great way to clear unused space. Continue to update & improve... Worth a go!

Been using this a couple weeks now. Finds files etc if I took the time to go looking for to delete & free up space. Works great. Works perfectly

It's good. It can save your too many time to make free space and to delete unwanted files. Great job

The app is useful but the file sharing option is not fast enough compared to shareit or xender. It would be helpful if you add an option to share the files via wifi instead of Bluetooth. Flawless

Great App for keeping you device free of to much stuff. Best notification was to get rid of all the memes that hat been sent to me. Superb!

Very useful in deleting unwanted posts. But should allow to retain or save straight from this App. Perfect!

I just love this app like most of the apps by Google it design to help your experience with your Android device. If you have not tried yet give it a try you will love it, constantly run it in all my Android devices to save space.... Amazing!

Good app. It would be useful if we knew who sent the file that we're about to delete and the location of the file we're about to delete. Also, we should be able to forward or send the file we're about to delete. Basically, once we're in the delete window, it should be flexible enough so we should be able to perform some functions that would enable us to take the decision to delete or not to delete and if we decide to delete to forward it / any other task. Thank you. Cool

Awesome app for clearing cache but please add a full folder view in file manager Good

Nice app to clean mobile storage. I don't have any storage issue but I don't want to keep unnecessary thing in my mibile. wow lol

I mean I literally only just downloaded it, but in those first 30 seconds of using the app I already feel way more organized about the files on my Pixel 2 XL. So far so great! 5 star

Good and easy, it does the job of protecting space. Still weary of it to let it work automatically, though... Well done!!

This app is useful but needs more features. For example, it does not show the location of the files it suggests to clean up. This is problematic in certain cases, like when it finds duplicates. I want to be able to pick which one of the duplicates to delete but that's not possible through the app. Great job

Works like a champ. I don't have a space issue but I like to clean things up and this seems to work well. Constantly adding features and I think its important to have an app like this from someone you trust. Great!

Very useful tool to identify what can be deleted or uninstalled to save space. Some of it's recommendations are quite aggressive, so you need to take care. love it

Seems to be helpfull, but my phone S8 doesn't need it. It's better for cheaper phones, without must internal space. Works perfectly

Just what my phone needed... Lot of junk especially what ap videos which keep coming and remain without any use Highly Recommend.

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