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I like the app. But I wish that the app icon was more in the same style as other Google apps. I also wish that the app also allows for options like cleaning RAM, battery optimisation and general phone maintenace. But for what it is right now it's good! And I'll continue using it. If I find anything else, or anything changes, I'll make sure to update my review. Recommend

The app works well although it may be too easy to delete stuff that is useful but isn't used often. Main reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that it kept notifying me that I could move 150mb to my SD card, but it then gave up with an unknown error, and it kept doing that. It is a good idea and easy to use but seems to be mort of a work in progress at the moment. Well done!!

It might be the best app so far to provide you the information about the trash in your collected inside your smartphone. I think that Google has joined hands with Mr. Narendra Modi on his quest to cleaning India. This app does have a very clean UI itself and easy to navigate. It will help clear out the stuffs that have been a clutter in your phone and you are very lazy to find it yourself. Muito bom!

I would like this app to do much more than it already does. It should act as a full fledged file explorer with the location of files as it is and not sorted out. I would want to see SD card and Internal storage as a list in the menu, where I can select and go about checking for the files. Fantastic

Love this app! It provides a fup past way of managing files Just wow

I like the idea of this app, I appreciate the try. I really appreciate it being ad free. Problem is it doesn't allow me to only free up internal phone storage. I keep getting alerts, so I want to free up as much space on the phone as possible. I installed an SD card and have as many of my programs and data directories to it as Android allows. I then have to regularly move files to the SD card because so many apps won't save to the SD card. The app doesn't seem to care where the files it wants to move are, and doesn't tell you to help you decide. I know Google can do better than this. Worth a go!

I love this app. It gives me a hand in cleaning my phone through giving suggestions of unnecessary files. It saves up my time looking for those files. You deserve a 5 star!! Recommend

I find this app really helpful in managing my phone's storage. It picks up on pictures that have been synced to Google Photos, unused apps, and temporary caches that haven't been cleared—all of which I clear regularly. Good

App works pretty well but the unused app view is inaccurate, and says a few apps we're never used that I use all the time. An ignore function would also be nice on that system. Superb!

Love it! Fast easy to use and clears out space from downloads which I have tons as an educator. It also deletes duplicates of fgioles and photos already saved to one of my Drive accounts. Perfect!

Awesome simple UI app, But previously I had encountered and reported some issues like the phone gets locked even when we are playing music or watching videos. Google team have corrected this. But now I have found some other issues also. First it can't copy files from SD card to internal storage. Second There is no way to open or delete the folders inside internal storage as well as sd card. Fix this too. Enjoy it!

A bit aggressive in the suggestions sometimes. There is also a recurrent card from an app that I have uninstalled, when I try to open it there is no content to clean either. So maybe it can be improved a bit.. but there's no doubt that it has helped me save space. Very good app. Great!

This is great! It won't replace the power user functionality you see with something like solid Explorer but it's the best for quickly clearing space and getting rid of clutter Awesome

I actually like this app a lot. Really showed me what I do and don't use. Plus, because it's Google and my photos are uploaded to Google Photos, it'll let me know when it's time (via an occasional notification) to delete photos off my device that have been backed up to the cloud Brilliant

The App is nice overall. One issue- i opted in for beta programme for this app. I can see 'Beta singup in progress, it takes a few minutes' since more than a week. Pls fix this. Fabulous!

The app I've been looking for. I don't clean up all that often but the app also lets you transfer files over wifi sharing, it's a greatly superior alternative to ShareIt Worth it!

Files Go gives me a great overview of what is taking up space on my device. It is a great way to get rid of files you didn't know you even had. Highly recommended! Muito bom!

It's been my go to app since release. Definitely can still be improved. Maybe if it could display all image files on the phone for example to be able to delete them? I'll stay using this... Great job

This is the best app to cut down your time by collecting all the unused apps and duplicate files. U can terminate them just with a single tap Pretty good

It's a good app. Specially the share it like option to share file. This shold have more features like file manager kind of features so we do not have to rely on third party app. Plz consider this. Fantastic

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