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Very very nice app with storage analysis and recycle bin and lot of information about storage i like this app so much wow lol

Really love the new clean UI! Bring it to another app like PixelMaster, or another zenfone pre-installed app, please! Worth it!

Very advanced app thou still allway remains in sit of simple apps! Very intuitive UI and doings that a file manager is meant to do and be. I know this app from my asus low tablet budgets that i had and still use it on my samsung device phones! Thanks Go well

I'm upset that the last update removed the ability to access shared LAN folders. I hope it's fixed soon Omg

I really want SMB functionality in this app, there is also a problem I am facing... This app goes to not responding mode when I copy any file(s) to network place and then try to delete the same from phone. I love all the ASUS apps, services and hardware. love it

Its not properly works it asks for storage permission in ZenFone max..but it's says permission denied....plz help.......or else good app Great job

My video files is gone in download folder?and when i play i look up the header title it says number not a title i wrote? Flawless

When i try to open hidden cabinet, it's display file manager has been stop pls help.. love it

It showed blurred when opening high resolution image files within the app, please fix it. Amazing!

It's amazing. It's only the only free file manager which has almost all premium features for free without any ad. It has also a hidden folder which unlocks with my fingerprint. Awesome

moving pictures requires micro sd permissions. tutorial to do this doesn't work. cannot set permissions. Not bad

This App Helped A lot because my System File Manager Keeps Crashing Every time I Open it While My USB Is Plugged in my Phone. But this app also sometimes crashes when my USB gets unexpected unmounts and mounts again Perfect

Good app to manage the storage structure. I had lots of duplicate files which the app detected and help me clean them. wow lol

I've tried several file managers for Android tablets, and this is the only one that has actually done the things I expect a file manager to do. The UI is clean and intuitive and the FAQs provide useful information. Great job by the developers! I highly recommend this app. Must have

One of the Best File Manager Layout in play store, easy to use, the copy paste & transfer of files is so great, very convenient,, internal at external storage is easy to access for transferring files from PC & vice versa... Working great... Just wow

I can't open download folder, it always force close Everytime I open it.... Help me Not bad

There is a BUG...when you open a image and delete it, then it gets deleted, but Still, there is a message which shows 'deleting' & this message lasts long.. Overall it is a good app...developers PLZZ fix this issue. Just received an update n still this issue is not fixed! Works great

Why did you remove the feature that removes unnecessary files, cookies, and more? That was the best feature you had. Please bring it back! Surprisingly

great interface, easy to use, but cant access SD card. User guide to grant access shows a totally different "interface" and is useless Worth a go!

I don't often rate apps - but this one is really superb! In particular, to be able to access your phones storage from a Web browser is just wow..... Awesome

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