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This is fast and very convenient. I've Lenovo k6 power device. Thus app is best suited to my mobile. It didn't occupy much memory during active. Superb .......give star Fabulous!

the best of the 3 best file managers cause this one has no ads... This along with file manager local & cloud and es file manager are the 3 best... This has great options, good to see a text editor added, i love the apps option opening up like settings***missing a download manager like es file manager has. Must have

Please Add Root System Access to this app love it

Great app. But I think they should work on the design and layout to make it look more attractive. Works great but it could look better and more modern... Good

Great, simple, file manager with cloud access. I have tried a number of these but this one meets all my needs. A+ Omg

Best and easiest to use file manager I've tried. Makes using the google pixel far easier Works perfectly

I don't usually review apps, but I have to give this app it's praise. Fantastic, absolute perfect app for the job. It's so easy to manage everything. Every Word document, Every photo, every video is manageable because of this app. well done developers well done Fantastic

Incredible app, had struggled with a lot others before. This one is simple, clear and easy to use. Perfect Manager Not bad

Works great for file management. With an OTG cable one can move files from external media as well. love it

Very simple and good looking, I prefer this one then others that are out there, it has no unnecessary features like most of the other file explorers. Only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have ''dark mode''. It gets too bright sometimes (specially when you're browsing at night) and it would be nice if you could add it. Cheers! PS: I've almost forgot to mention that it's ad free which is a big plus. Recommend

Xiaomi Mi A1 8.0 Oreo. Issue with the system and other applications not seeing File manager + as a storage application that they could use to access files. It would be a lovely addition if it could be fixed. Additionally, It does see files inside of an SD, but you can not edit or delete them. No permission prompts. The application itself is amazing, I hope you guys can make it recognizable by Oreo. 4 stars just because of that issue. Also Please add support for mire than 4 file sharing services. Allow the use of custom services please! Worth it!

I have several Android devices ranging from current models to 8 years old, each of which has/had some kind of semi-useful but also semi brain-damaged file management app. This one works really well on all of them and even got an otherwise useless old Minix box happily accepting shared files from other devices on my network. Recommended. wow lol

It is first time, i rated an app but in whatsapp option there was no any statuses related folder because some other File Manager apps are saved showing whatsapp statuses so plz do it update in this file manager. A good thing is, it is fast and easy to use, fantastic app! Muito bom!

Remote to PC won't work. I'd love to use File Manager+ but it isn't able to connect to my local Windows 10 PC via Remote. This might be because I run RDP on a custom port but even if I add the port as ':' to the machine's IP address it still can't connect. I run dedicated RDP apps on the same tablet that can connect to my machine so the issue is certainly with File Manager+. Marvelous

I think it's just an easy-to-use app and allows you to visually see things better than most. It allows you to cut copy and paste which I love and is very easy to see where things are in your phone which is very difficult with a lot of other apps like this Well done!!

Copies between internal, external, and cloud, unlike other file managers I have used. Nice! Great!

Very clean app. Other file managers could learn from it on how to keep things simple and clutter free. So easy to find what your looking for with this one. Works great

Does what it has too and that too without ads ... keep it up ... just don't spoil it with an update Superb!

Great It worked for me. My built in file manager was very bad I.e... cannot copy, etc but it is great file manager it helped me alot Cool

On copying or moving any file from internal storage to external storage, the file size shows as 0 bytes and doesn't open after Oreo update on Mi A1. EDIT1- After latest update, File size is now showing properly after cooy paste to external storage. Jpg, pdf files are opening from but apk, mp3 files don't open. Pls fix. Omg

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