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Could be better Needs full archive's support & 3d file viewer with a duel panels in root explore mode so you can be open in one folder & compress files / folders to the other or at least an compress to option with favourite folders. Full internal 7z support.

Eagleyes Incredibly good! Would like to see The box and Onedrive connection cloud services. But the rest is great!

Finally! Finally a cloud storage management app that is easy to use and allows multiple accounts to be accessed and managed simply and efficiently.

Great Very good but it were be able to resume uploading to google drive i'd have given it 5 stars. But i know this is so difficult to resume uploading to cloud . Even google drive doesn't do this. But it's really great app. Thanks alot.

This file manager is just the best file manager app Its speciality is that it has a different section for audio,video,documents, and apps. Superb!

Cannot move files or create new folder When I try to move files to SD card or create a new folder I get a message that the action failed. Am I missing something? Not bad

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