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No view by file type? I'm extremely surprised that in sort settings or view by... It doesn't have - by type... Only name, date and size..... Means if I have 50 mp3 and docs and zip archives... It'll show not by type and I've to go through each.... I installed this as it has big fonts compare to es and other file manager as my eye sight is little weak but it looks idiotic... Brilliant

Very good app After the most popular file manager ditched us by a horrible update, I installed this file manager. Works very well ! Recommend

Great App 'My Files' by Google failed in not revealing FULL file names, the nav pane was taking up space. This app reveals full titles and can copy and paste. A ton better than suffering Android misery. Enjoy it!

Really good Works great, even on unrooted phone can see all and put what you cant get to from PC onto Google drive and get it that way. Must have

Perfect File Manager. It doesn't do more than that, nor less. No-nonsense application. They should refrain from unwanted features. Works great

5 Stars, without much to think Why to pay for FX or any other when this exist. Im really impressed. Keep it that way. Really there isnt much to add if any. (Im a tablet user. Really remove the designed for phones :) Excellent even for tabs ) 5 star

No Nonsense. Best App Compared to Others Beautiful crafted. No adds. Highly smooth operation of cloud or remote transfer. Great job

Just used it... Found old files and recordings NO OTHER file explorer/manager would let me even look at. Saved over 1 gig of space on less than 5 mins! Works perfectly

The best I was using ES file explorer before but it became bloatware. This file explorer is beautiful and I love the icons too, 5 stars Cool

Like it a lot Only been using the app since yesterday but seems to be a great file manager. Just switched from another file "explorer" that just got too bloated and I'm very happy. Good

Perfect This app is just great it works with all of my devices including my marshmallow moto g. Its filled with features yet simple to use and very intuitive. Go well

It's great I was looking for an easy and free app to work with my micro OTG memory card and this app read it right away. Worth a go!

Can improve! Pros- Fine icons, small size, cons-slow, can improve towards better file manager. Do not make "materialistic" design, because current icon set makes it look vintage. Keep small size steady. Perfect!

Easy to navigate Files are right in front of you, easy to understand, a great tool to navigate through your phone..AAA Amazing!

Good, but can improve Tried to open mp3 and movie files on my NAS, instead of giving an option which app I want to open the file with, it started downloading my files into my phone. Highly Recommend.

App lot better then es file explorer which as ads in,this app has no ads. Very simple to use Fantastic

KitKat limitations make app useless to me If I can't move files between my SD card and device storage, then what's the use of the app? What's odd to me is that some file managers can do this, but others can't. It's supposedly a KitKat issue, but clearly some file apps have figured out a workaround...but not this file app. Uninstalled. I will say that the UI is clear and easy to use. Nice looking app. Awesome

One of the best file mgr Tried many file mgr and this is honestly one of the best, if not the best, I found. Very close in terms of features to my previous file mgr on BlackBerry Q10. Still room for improvements. wow lol

Simple and Effective Great app! Please, keep it as a simple file manager and avoid including not useful functions. For example, useful things can be: reading and writing more formats (ext3 and ext4, ntfs, ...); ftp and ssh, changing permissions, bunch renaming,...

Nice app! This app replaced es file explorer app for me.. looks cool.. clear interfaces.. simple n easy to navigate... Files are categorized.. great app!

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