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Service Tech Better way to access your PDF files instead of using your Adobe reader and using the search feature Works perfectly

Just installed. Very clean and good. But cut paste etc not performed. Uninstalled. wow lol

The Only File Manager That Worked Tried a few others that either crashed or wouldn't recognize my USB microSDcard. This one worked, finally. Galaxy Note 7. Flawless

Recommended Perfect partner to find/move/copy/delete files hidden away on my Nexus 6p - I like the ability to add a short cut to any folder on your 'desktop' Surprisingly

Very neatly all information are provided. Will add more star depending my experience with it. Well done!!

File manager It's the best i've used so far. Very easy to use and everything things works just fine. Must have

Can't open Still Can't open searched item. When click on search button, it shows, but did not open the target item. When click it back to previous. And also need dark theme. Not bad

Fantastic! Loved it! But keep an option to change icon color's :-) love to make the icon color's dark blue :-D Great!

Sure like this... Just got it but it's fast, easy to use with a decent layout and it took care of business immediately after installation...let me check the rest of the app but confident you'll rate another merit. Thnx! wow lol

Please Give Folder Sharing Option Thankx for listening to multiple file sharing option but its not enough please give Folder Sharing option too. Great!

Nice Well organized . The only thing I dont like is whenever multi files selected u wont be able to share or anything Marvelous

How do you have Google Drive and Dropbox support but not OneDrive? Other issues as well. Large icons with too much padding makes for a clunky user experience. The dark theme should also be pitch black, not dark blue. How is it that Android developers still haven't figured out that AMOLED screens require a ton of power yet and that you can significantly reduce the power draw by making your apps with a pitch black background so that the pixels turn off? Literally, they turn off, saving huge amounts of power. I will definitely update my review if these major issues are fixed. Recommend

Good One More cloud drives(atleast one drive) could be added! and ES(which has become a bloatware) is little bit quicker than this, it doesn't mean that this app isn't quick! Overall 4.4* Go well

Good app with simplicity and neatness Good app but needs improvement. I loved its simplicity and neatness. Should implement "OPEN AS" feature to support some files that are not accessible by default app. As well as should have option of setting for clearance of history. Cool

Some nice aspects, but limited. Wish I could use this app, with nice layout and graphics. But what I'm seeking is a file manager designed to let me backup my apks TO Dropbox. All THIS file manager does is backup my apks TO a file ON my device ... thus, use more memory. The opposite of what I need to do, by uploading seldom used apks to Dropbox, and uninstalling them from my LG G4 phone running Marshmallow. Am unistalling this file manager. Just wow

Key features It's really great and neat, I think it needs to be able to get root access and display permissions and I guarantee it will be a number 1 app without all the fancy features...oh and please keep it the way it is,NO ADS! Brilliant

Good but Needs improvement. Eg. In the folder of rediff, if I have to delete junk, I have to go one by one. Can't select all Superb!

Very good app with excellent feature I had downloaded many app to handle basic features like cut, copy, dlt etc but they were unable to do. But we can do here easily. Must be downloaded Works perfectly

i loved it best substitute for es file explorer... no more es file explorer...keep it up...and u guys will be the best file manager for android love it

A real file manager Finally a proper file manager that is intuitive & resembles a computer's FM. All the other ones I tried leave you confused when you open them. Highly Recommend.

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