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GREAT file manager! Just ad "MEGA" to the cloud storage accounts access options and it'll be a perfect 5 * app for me. wow lol

Brilliant app does everything simply and well. Got this because my transcend usb otg card reader was not recognised by my huawei mediapad now all works perfectly. Highly recommended! Great job

Great substitution for screwed up ES file manger! Does everything ES did and then some. Just please don't go the ES path and do not fix what is not broken, it is excellent the way it is now! Question: when moving or copying files between SD and internal memory, "last modified" date is modified to current date. Would it be possible to add an option to keep the old date? It is highly annoying when copying photos for example. Then you. Worth a go!

Edit. Superb support from developer team. Asked for picker and yes it will soon come in next releases. 2 more things needed. 1. Cast option for image viewer 2. Support for ntfs and exFat USB drives Just wow

I liked this app bcoz this App has Cut Copy Paste options,now i easily moves fav pics videos from one folder to others ; Enjoy it!

Remote to PC won't work. I'd love to use File Manager+ but it isn't able to connect to my local Windows 10 PC via Remote. I use a bespoke port for RDP and this app allows for the More) but it still won't connect. I run Microsoft's dedicated RDP app on the same phone and tablet and they can connect to my machine so the issue certainly seems to be with File Manager+. Superb!

Excellent app which enables me to backup apk's., so I can revert back to old versions when the new version is a backwards step as is often the case with android apps! ie more unwanted features, more spying on you and more adverts (not this app, by the way) Amazing!

On copying or moving any file from internal storage to external storage, the file size shows as 0 bytes and doesn't open after Oreo update on Mi A1. EDIT1- After latest update, File size is now showing properly after cooy paste to external storage. Jpg, pdf files are opening but apk, mp3 files don't open. Pls fix. Not bad

No interfering ads! Great for those of us who have lots of media files! I'm a photographer and do use my phone as a second camera--I'll have 14,000 pictures on my phone and SD card. This app is a huge time saver! An All-In-One app that's simple, straightforward, effective and easy to use. One app to sort, search, move, cut/copy/paste, multiplatform cloud upload, organize, backup, sync, remove, identify large files and apps... All without having to download additional apps--which would hog more space on your phone. It automatically compiles list of largest files-really helpful! You know exactly which files to move/delete when your phone memory is low--and then move or delete those files without leaving the app. It's easy to use because it's basically cut/copy/paste, there's shortcuts on the home screen to main phone storage, SD card, cloud locations and more (and you can add your own bookmarks/recently used locations/shortcuts). THE MOST HELPFUL feature is how easily you can move things to cloud storage! You copy/cut/paste and move files into the cloud the same way you move things to any internal folder. No need to exit the app, juggle between different websites, no need to deal with an uploading page, no need download extra/several cloud apps. You can upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, and more without having to download extensions etc. Basically an All-In-One app to quickly and easily identify the biggest files, move/remove them, make a cloud backup (and I think move to PC), search for files, and just plain organize your your phone-including photos and media. It's fast and it's easy--you can select and move dozens and hundreds of files and photos at a time! It's also nice that the theme/background isn't dark. Hard to read, or depressing. Thank You to the developers! No crazy annoying ads either! :-) I've tried several different folder movers (and deleted them) because almost all of them had ads that popped up while moving files--making you worry that the file you were moving (which might be an important photo, video, memory etc!) might have been forgotten/deleted. I've installed this on my parents phones as well. Thank You developers! Works perfectly

I think India's ya world first nomber FILE manager app. So Thanks , file manager + So easy and use full app , and most analysis future is so best. I love it..... Perfect!

An awesome app overall however, it wud be great if u cud add EJECT or SAFELY RWMOVE option for external media as i use OTG frequently. Superb!

Very promising, connects to network drive and reads files ok BUT fails to copy files over the same network devices. A bit frustrating but I'm going to stick with it for a while. Works perfectly

I had difficulties in moving files from one drive to another but this app solved all my problems. If you have this app you don't need any other App to transfer files. excellent!! Marvelous

Best file explorer I have came across.. Too good.. You can customise it.. Really too good.. No advertising at all.. Love it.. Kudos guys... Best of luck.. Just wow

Finally, I tried dozens of apps just to transfer some files from phone storage to usb otg drive, and this is first one that worked. Even the Asus file manager requires some complicated permissions procedure. Fabulous!

Has a clean simple interface I find easy to read and use. With support for smb2 and a basic ftp server it can access and be accessed by, if you enable it, the other devices on my home lan. I haven't seen any ads or unecessary nags so far. Now my preferred file manager. Cons for me is dumbed down names on home screen, e.g. smb access to other devices is called "Remote", ftp server hides under "Access from PC". Recommend

simple and easy to navigate including network file searching. those who are boresome with es like me will find a peaceful refuge here. One draw back that I just found is that I cannot specify the default app to open some files in my server by LAN eg. mkv flv. When trying to open these files it just downloads the files into my device instead of opening it likes the mp4 which can be opened with MXPlayer without problem. I tried to figure out whether it has any setting but cannot find it anywhere. Note: The creator had fixed the indicated bug as promising. Many thanks for your generosity. :) You are superb. ้The smb protocal is not stable but the ftp works fine. Good

Very easy to use. My previous Samsung had its own app, but this Motorola doesn't, so I'm happy I found this app. The big F in de logo.. not a fan. But hey, that's just personal taste. Great!

No ads, and is better than any other file manager, especially file es manager thing. That has way to many ads. Awesome

Well-designed and easy to use. Only shortcoming is no support for Box. Also, One Drive connection doesn't work. I get a "loading error" message. Great job

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