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Please add a "sort by" function under apps. It will allow us to see which apps are taking up the most space. Thank you. Works perfectly

Works really well ,even copying files from USB device which onboard version won't allow .. Good stuff , thanks Muito bom!

I was looking for an app that allows easy moving of files with out the pain of copy paste and then delete old copies. This app appears to be what I'm looking for. See how we go. Still trying to work out how to multi select files to move etc. Well done!!

Best file manager and pdf,word etc document opener, viewer, editor, converter and share app EVER! Seriously tried so many other file manager apps each for month or so, but this been using for a year an haven't used any others since! You flashlight+clock - File manager developer/s are bloody geniuses! Congrats, i totally love ya work, and i BLOODY love ya F File manager APP even MORE! :) Highly recommended, clearly I love it , TICK! ;) Muito bom!

Very useful and intuitive to manage files on device, SD card, external USB stick, and even remote places. Would get 5 stars if sort options were available. Almost no ads is a pleasant surprise. love it

Ottima applicazione. Versatile ed elastica. Ha tutto quello che serve senza pubblicità. Manca il supporto per BOX. Poi è perfetta. Sono disposto a pagare affinché resti tale. Not bad

Nice file manager. The best so far that i tried. Used to be complete no advertisement and that draws me to try it the first place. Recent version has included advertisement...which is sad because it make no different from others. Too bad no resume function...or not that aware off. Go well

I like this app more than others, only rate it 4 because it had spontaneously closed once during a transfer of files. I wish i could rate it a 4.5 love it

That's grace file manager that I never meet such as this File Manager before. Thank you for your effort to create this amazing folder. You are premium award for this. Not bad

Please update 1.8.1 version asap. As discussed with you earlier. It will solve my FTP server issues Highly Recommend.

One of the best file manager app I've ever seen...Does what it has to do rather than doing what it shouldn't do.. Muito bom!

I like the UI. Easy to use. I hope it will display transfer speed during write / moving files Great!

I'm not one to review things usually, but this app really deserves a good review. Very good app, almost as good as the original "ES File Explorer" from Android 4.3 Jellybean or earlier, except the UI is not as clean, the view options and icon size in the grid view are not as well spaced apart, but are usable. The reason I don't use ES Explorer any more is because it can no longer access the SD card in Android 6, 7 or later due to access permissions, so it's useless now. This app can access the SD card in Android 7 in fact. I tried Astra Explorer, but didn't like it at all. This is almost exactly what I was looking for. I have made a point of refusing to install ANY apps that show ads. They are intrusive. Take a note Android!! I will use less and less apps as they show ads by force now. Anyway, this app says it contains ads, but I don't see any. That's the only reason I kept it and decided to use it. I will now uninstall my other file manager or explorer apps. The ads in the Android apps that were once supposed to be free, open-source and not-for-profit community linux-based apps, are becoming way too excessive and intrusive, so I will specifically look for non-ad apps, I recommend others try to do that too so these ads stop being so intrusive. In conclusion, this app is great, i recommend it for those who are looking for a clean file explorer app that is similar to the good, older Android apps before ads started becoming too extreme and weaved into the apps like they are nowadays. 5 star

Great file explorer with SMB client and cloud. I used ES Explorer for years until it became so bloated and ridiculous I finally gave up. I'm so glad I found this app that does everything I need without all the extra garbage. I've deleted ES Explorer and it feels great be free of it. Nice clean interface and simple controls. Nice to see an app that sticks to what it's supposed to do and not trying to be a Swiss Army knife. Keep up the good work and don't add pointless features that no one wants it cares about . I'll probably pay for pro as I believe I supporting good work. One suggestion, change the word "Remote " on the home screen to "Network". I had to look twice to figure it out and it's confusing. Reading other reviews some people think it's for remote desktop, and I don't blame them, it's the wrong word to use. Maybe just a bad translation. As a native English speaker, I suggest use "Network". Works perfectly

Provides an unmount function Samsung left out. Works great with transferring files to a PC. Does not need root access for a external memory cards. Amazing!

A fast awesome file manager,but now that it has ads with no donate option or pay yearly for no ads Well done!!

I just downloaded this on two android devices and .. boom boom .. got them to share files using ftp over a local hotspot. Either can be the ftp host. I'm not sure why they call it "access from pc". No ads in sight. It does not get any better than this. Perfect!

I've tried a lot of file managers for Android and so far this is the best I've found. It's super easy to use with an intuitive user interface. Being a long time Windows user, I feel right at home finding, viewing, moving, and deleting files. Best of all, this app works great for OTG storage (SD card readers, thumb drives, etc. plugged in via OTG cable). Not many file managers can see these OTG ("on the go") devices, but this one shows them every time. Must have

Works well for Cloud uploads and general file management tasks. Sort orders seem a little odd at times. Superb!

Hands down the best mobile file manager I've come across. The user interface is very friendly, it gives you a couple different avenues to find your files quickly, everything is given a bit of room to breathe, and it behaves the way you would expect, unlike nearly every proprietary, factory-installed file manager you see on cell phones. 10/10 would shampoo again. Fabulous!

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