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Without a doubt.. this is my favorite File Manager... Works great.. one sd at bottom.. no pop ups.. out performs standard file managers... Better than many paid ones. Flawless

Needed better access to files on my phone. This gives it without being obnoxious. Just wow

I will take this app, (Hands Down!) over ES. Doesn't rob your resources and consistently annoy you with nonsense. This app will move apps to SD that "appmgr III" will not let you move. Awesome work Devs! SWEET! Must have

I'd probably replace all other file managers with this one, if it only would have a hide option of unwanted directories/files. Without it I can use it only as an FTP server to transfer files. Surprisingly

I have this on 3 devices. It obliterates the Samsung File Manager. I like how easy it is to scan your memory and find where large blocks are being taken up. Honest opinion and I have not been in any way directed to say these things. I love it if I change my mind I'll be back to let you know. Awesome

Awesome file app. Started using this once i realized i didnt like the samsung s8's default My Files app and I gotta say its loads better! Enjoy it!

Everything about this is perfect except one thing. I can't choose to setup my OneDrive for business. Only regular OneDrive appears to be supported. That led me to putting in 4 stars because 4 1/2 stars doesn't work. Good

Works properly as expected. Nothing special, but I really love the fact that there is so few ads (I don't even see any) Flawless

I have used up all my internal storage and my phone wasn't working. It couldn't perform any updates. It was running very very slow. Slot like dial up modems (if any of you remember those) I even got to a point where I couldn't make phone calls or even send a text msg. Thank to this app my phone world again! love it

Great, only one thing spoiling it for me, I'd like to be able to at least rename or delete files from the results of a search (maybe cut or copy too). Flawless

Not the best but better than others! I liked it for the options. But every option is basic and makes more work. Examples: I can play music but cannot create a playlist. The player has FF, PLAY & Rewind. No repeat, EQ or any other features besides sharing and that is in full screen mode. You can move a whole folder but you have to back out to find location. And you have to back out of New location if you want to use the previous location again. Cool

Great app...until ads started showing up. I downloaded it awhile ago because it did everything I wanted it to do with no ads. I guess the hunt goes on for a similar ad free app. Works great

Woah, I've tried many file manager apps, and never found the perfect one... until now. This app is truly excellent, and fast too! Awesome

Great app, really good, BUT... a yearly subscription to remove adds? Are you kidding? Happy to pay a few bucks to buy it, but there's no way I'm gonna pay a yearly subscription service. You want my money, make it an appropriate purchase price and we'll both win. Works perfectly

App has really weird inappropriate ads. Other apps are fine. But this app for some reason displays inappropriate ads Cool

The Best File Manager This is the best file manager app that provides all features what users need in a manager at very minimal space. I love to mention some its features. Pros. 1) Consumes less than 17MB space 2) Tap Icon to select 3) Provides Address bar to skip directly on any location in the path 4) Side menu to jump on last location 5) Bottom quick actions like cut, copy, rename, delete, compress, bookmark, share etc. 6) Also provides internal image viewer, song player etc 7) Recycle Bin feature Cons. 1) Zip Extractor is not internally available So you can say that it is really file manager "PLUS". Great!

The GUI is easy to understand and use with little to no learning curve. I advise transferring larger video files (anything over a gig) individually. Why? I tried transferring several gigs of photos and videos in one move & it rendered the drive unrecognizable to my phones & tablet (still fine on my PC though). My screwup, I shouldn't have attempted it; Working on a fix - again, my fault; Android file system interface with large thumb drives is touchy! That said, this is simply the best thumb drive file transfer app in existence - but does WAY more than that. Fabulous!

I've used this app for a Quite a time now it works faultlessly on moving files to and fro between my two nas set ups also between any cloud drives. Update this app does everything I ask of it faultlessly Not bad

Slow, confusing and unable to open most downloaded files when trying to eliminate unnecessary data. Great job

Excellent app with tidiness. I loved its simplicity and neatness. Its inbuilt image viewer is also great. Thank you team for implementing "Open As" and "History clearing" feature. Need to optimize file transfer speed especially moving files from internal storage to SD card. Great job

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