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Best file organizer so far.. I disabled my built in crappy file commander, and use this instead.. Great job

Best file manager I used (have ES Explorer Pro version but now use this one more). Prefer the minimalist design of it and the simplicity of use. Also it seems needs less steps when looking for something. Works great

Nice app, but can't connect to my Office365 OneDrive at this point, and won't shortcut to network subfolders directly. Fantastic

Best file manager out there, would happily pay for it, but simply refuse yearly plans. Sorry, that is just ridiculous for a tool like this. Count yer chickens man! Amazing!

Needed an intuitive file manager app for my Wileyfox Swift 2 and the first one I tried was rubbish. This seems fairly idiot proof. Would recommend Recommend

Very good app. Very responsive and functional, it serves my purpose. It is very neat. Many thanks. love it

Looked for a paid version of this but not available. I will never get a subscription version of anything. If the free stopped and it was subscription only then uninstall time. Surprisingly

The premium upgrade needs to drop the annual payment in favour of a one off payment. Enjoy it!

Love the simplistic design. Too bad it's a subscription based premium product. Would much rather pay once for a pro version than ongoing. I'll save my money and let the ads pay for my free version. Great job

Really I like this app Very good file Manager app It's showing clear storage files Friends download the app and share Flawless

Super easy to transfer from my SD card directly to the cloud whilst on the move. Just what I needed. 5 star

I really like the layout of this app, it's clean and simple. I use it every day on my phone and my tablet. The advertising is non-intrusive. It has allowed me to quickly connect my android devices to my windows PC. A great product. Surprisingly

Its the best app I ever had . love it. Hope in future it will have these great features along new with minimum size Fantastic

I have used many file manager app but this app is the best till now. Very fast and very useful. Awesome

I have been struggling with file transfers from Dropbox to SD card without luck using es file explorer. For two days! I just downloaded this File Manager and within a.minute I was transferring my files!. It's an easy app to use and I don't mind paying .99 cents per year. Amazing. Pretty good

Simple and easy to use, the font is big easy for the senior to read. Keep it up. Thank you wow lol

Very useful File Manager, a good application to find out what I like to enjoy or send to my friend. Great!

Subscription ? NO !! I would gladly pay 5$ or more for this outstanding app, but I don't do subscriptions, you can never stop them, without a major hassle. I'll stick to the free version till you change your mind. I would love to support your work, but I don't do subscriptions. Cool

Puts all my docs into one spot. I like how I just have to open it and can find what I'm looking for in 2 seconds Good

Without any doubt the best file management tool I have tried. No fuss it just works. Wiah there was a nice pro version with even more functionality with ad removal functionality after paying Perfect

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