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Start conversation is free :) if I receive an answer I can open conversation with coin :) and its open forever :) so I using coins only if we both interested to have a conversation it's a very nice app and cool idea Highly Recommend.

Much better then jcrush and jswipe and jdate.. Only problem more people need to download it which by time that will get fix , also need extra filter on other information otherwise is best one then anything else out there I recommend it .PS if you are in it you really looking for some one is no more hiding game . Highly Recommend.

Much better then anything else Much Better then any swap one it give u option to start a chat u can't go wrong with that Amazing!

Doesn't allow device photos Only allows photos from Facebook to be added to profile. To me, that is a problem. Marvelous

Stupid tokens It's messed up that man should pay for those tokens just to see what the woman wrote. If shes writing back let them be matched and converse with each other, instead you ask the man to pay you for more tokens just to see what the woman was typing and ruin the man chanses to hit on that girl.

Lacking The inability to filter results based on things like religiosity limit the usefulness of this app

Not thrilled I just downloaded the app today and it looks good but im not thrilled that you can only go through the likes once a day not everyone is gonna find a guy the first time they look Must have

Trying to update to gold The app looks cool but I am trying to update to gold and it doesn't work,never saw some who doesn't want money. Flawless

Badd This app works only for 7 conversations after that they charge money wtff doesn't worth the timee

best app out there great app, the only one in which girls actually reply to you there, and i'm making new friends every day.

Hacked My account has been hacked, someone types messages with my account. I noticed it when I payed for it, I want my money back!!! I sent you an email also, via support. Very dissatisfied, disappointed!!! Muito bom!

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