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This app is great for people who wanna learn MMA but it's missing some moves, takedowns, submitions and strikes and work on the graphics please add this in the next update. Good

More moves could be added... But as a MMA fighter myself, I would suggest it as a good app for beginners and mediocre to improve and expand their arsenal of moves!! Surprisingly

Thanks Need more moves please add block and hit... Add some wing chunk moves too.... Block and hit is most important in self defence,and in fight too... Please add block and punch and add some wing chun moves too... Please please work as fast as.... Amazing! kinda got into a fight at school.....*cough*middle school*cough*....and I kinda broke a kid rib cage (3 broken ribs on left side) when I round housed kicked him....umm.....did I do good?-also amazing it....helps me a lot. Well done!!

Mind blowing app those who wants to learn fighting skills can use these app I tell this is the best Omg

Awesome app I'm currently training mma its a very good app for people who want to learn the techniques in fighting...for the developer advice is plz make the graphics better and try to put some different kicks , takedown methods (gogo plata arm bar ). Developers plz improve the graphics, allover loved the app, keep up the good work. Awesome

This is a great app , useful one esp for amatuer trainer I would love it more if you could increase block lessons.. Theyre only 4 moves .. Thanks Worth a go!

This is a brilliant app, I use it everytime I deem it necessary and it always provides the moves I want to improve on and learn. Keep up the great work! Works perfectly

For new update: thank Critical Bit, now I can use this app on my Acer B1-723. I rated it 5 stars. Old: Still have some crash on Acer B1-723. If you can fix this error, this app should be rated 5 star. Awesome

It's visible from every angle, & I can slow it down as far as x0.25 times the normal speed...! No complaints about the app but found a minor combination mishap, Edit: Hey guys U haven't updated this for a year, why?! Under combinations > "Round House Combo 2" it says (Jab, Jab, Hook, Round House Kick) but it's actually (Jab, Jab, 'Cross', Hook(l), Round House Kick), check it out... Should I give 1* rating for not taking me seriously?! Perfect!

Very good app to learn Technics. But please add some more advance technics also like sparring. wow lol

Honestly its a good app I practice Muay Thai and the striking is accurate at least the form is correct enough to use as a reference but i would love to see some sweeps and more​ kick combos Good

Awesome one. This app helps me a lot thanks to critical bit team. And can u guys make a new app like this which is based on bodyweight workouts. #JustAsking Great!

Super Awsome!!..... Yeah I am already felling strong on opening it. Best app in the market. Works great

It's visible from every angle, & I can slow it down as far as x0.25 times the normal speed...! No complaints about the app but found a minor combination mishap, that's under combination > last 2 star combo (Jab, Jab, Hook,Round House Kick) is actually (Jab, Jab, Cross, Hook(l), Round House Kick), check it out... Muito bom!

I think this app is very useful for the entrance level. If you are looking to study / practice alone. Alot of situations and form is lost due to not having a gained. Therefor you must trust you own ideas. Where there is a will a way will present itself. So as long as you are looking for integrity or physic never hold back feel free to be open-minded.. Goodday Great!

Great app, and can be better. Add more moves from Muay Thai, Karate, Judu etc. And need some routines creation options, Favorite Moves creator options Pretty good

It demonstrates exactly how to do the moves and breaks it down completely for even 'dummies' lol to understand Overall beautifully put together and best of all it requires no internet connection which is really good for my lagging 400mb memory phone anyway Worth it!

It's a great app to help begginers or advanced fighters to train at home without going on YouTube and it's also good because it's offline and it shows you step by step I love this app I been using for 6 months and it's so good I recommend this for begginers and people who wanna start training Good

Good training and learn good to how defense yourself, good graphics I love it.... Thanks Just wow

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