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This great game understands the visuals and movements of a real football match so we enjoy playing it. But I give you 4 stars because you need improvements in player designing. Once I got confused between Messi and Hazard in a match. Indeed this game is super. Well can you bring games like Freedom Fighters on the mobile? It was made by you guys. Perfect!

Good game... Only focuses on money.. All main things and rewards are associated with money... Login problems every time with Google.. But not if u linked with fb... Never give chances any time for eg. U never get a 80 ovr player in Player of d week.. Sorry to say but players should be hard to get nowadays and money matters to this game developers only... Omg

This game is an addiction. If you start playing this game. Then you will play continuously. It's not very easy to get players, training cards and skills. So beware !!! You are going to spend a lot of time for this game if you download this. My only suggestion to ea is please bring wifi play. So that we friends can play together. Works perfectly

This is the best game I have ever played....... You can't find a better game than this.. Loved It.. Expecting the new version to be the best not in the world but in the universe .... Once again Loved it Brilliant

Matchmaking system is simply idiotic. I'm currently 81 OVR and I usually get opponents around 88-90, sometimes even 95-97. It's impossible to win even if you score 5 or 6 goals, which is serious accomplishment, they'll always score 9 or 10 easily. Fix this somehow, let us play with similar opponents. Overall difference shouldn't be more than 3, or if it's bigger we shouldn't lose points/fans. wow lol

Hey this game is really eligibe for editors choice. Best game ever. BUT YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE GAME.The controls are a little stinky. But my overall reply is the game is very good. Ronaldo's advice is very helpful.Nice Game EA! I will give 5 stars for the graphics only! Flawless

This great game understands the visuals and movements of a real football match so we enjoy playing it. But I give you 4 stars because you need improvements in player designing. Once I got confused between Messi and Hazard in a match. Perfect

The mid season update has ruined the game. Reducing tiers in VS Attack was the worst thing to do. Also logging in is an issue. The app is not opening since last 8 hrs. EA has to work on it. Superb!

Vs mod is now better but pls think about that to number of fans that u give or reduce, depends on ovr of player on the other side and goal difference between us. Sometimes i lose with 1 goal differece and that one goal was made in last sec, and u reduce my number of fans same as i lost with 4-5 goals difference. Not bad

The game is awesome but vs attack mode has issues. Many time the correct score is not submitted and you lose a game which you should have won Great!

In vs attack mode problem with connections.. every second match I lose without playing..because i get notification CONNECTION LOST Muito bom!

Best football game ever!Great graphics Must have

Can we play again from the place we stopped because I buied a new phone so FIFA was in that phone so I downloaded it again so wht shall I do Fantastic

You know everything is good in ur game except..... DOMINATION.when I was in the 4 level it was so brutal.i mean that the do the foul but not got a free-kick.but only the fouls made by me are counted not by them .make this properly,if done will give a 5star rating Superb!

The update sucks. I won two matches in vs attack but ended up losing up my fans. What a reward for winning! Please look into it love it

Defective? In vs attack, if u score a goal and it touches first side bar, it's not considered a goal? Not bad

Please fix the amount of chances a weaker team can habe in vs attack because im a 91 ovr and a get lower great chances and a 86 ovr team has more great chances than me and I lose because of that, please fix Worth it!

Now I feel less control over the players. Players rating and performance seems different. Marvelous

It is brilliant, terrific and addictive. But only one problem- the celebrations of the players should be what the player actually does for his celebration in the real soccer world. Surprisingly

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