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What's the point of the email notifications sent at the end of the day if you can't see the comment posted! You need to add the comment into the email and atleast some thumbnails if a picture was posted as well. Superb!

Great for quick field notes. A few features that would help 1.Toggle to sync on WiFi only (saves battery and data at remote sites). 2. Image options such as rotate and various aspect ratios (not just square). Recommend

The simplicity and effectiveness of Fieldlens have made it invaluable to our operations. It provides an interactive format for all to collaborate and participate, in a timely manner, on project matters of concern to them. Site staff are quickly and easily able to post reports and highlight issues from site; the office receives better insights increasing their ability to assist; clients are treated to regular progress updates in a clear and consistent format; consultants can be involved immediately and directly as needed; vendors can be better held to account on matters related to their work on site. Fieldlens facilitates a better project experience for all project participants. In addition to this the attentiveness of the Fieldlens team is excellent. Whether in response to a user issue or developing a new idea into the functions of the App, all that I have had the pleasure to deal with have been very engaging and professional. Fieldlens is by far the best App I have ever used. Not bad

After using just about all of the construction management apps out there, this one is by far the biggest bang for the buck. The thing I like about it is that it is built for the field and for the phone - most others are desktop software that have a cumbersome app to go along with it. This app is very intuitive and easy for anyone to use - especially in the field. And that is where it counts, right? This is NOT just another reporting tool, it is an action tool. Information from the field is what drives a project, and Fieldlens has created an app that makes it easy to capture that information in text, photo, video, and plan mark ups that are communicated immediately to the right people so that issues get resolved, not just logged somewhere. You can tell it was created by people that have real world experience in construction. Keep up the good work! Cool

"Because FieldLens is AWESOME!!! (BTW...I have recommended FieldLens to several people...hopefully they listen!)" Recommend

This is a good app. The company that I work for adopted it and we've been giving it a good trial run for several months now. It's helpful to be able to scan through various projects to see the present status, when various tasks were done, when various trades have been on-site and what they've been doing. I think it's also a useful tool in terms of marketing, allowing the client to also have a view of the progress on their project. I've had the occasional glitch, most recently a problem with fieldlens duplicating my photos, so that they appear twice on a posting. I have found their service in dealing with things like this to be outstanding. I message the online help and they're back to me within 2 minutes, they walk me through what occurred, and their product guys are all over getting it fixed. Absolutely top drawer service. I use it every day, multiple times a day, it's been useful. Well done!!

Great application to manage construction sites and communication between the field and the office! The staff is super helpful and always quick to rectify any issues we may have! A definite pick for managing any type of task, party, family reunion, group project, school event, new construction, planning... anything. Great job

Best in class I've reviewed various tools to help with the dozens of tasks a project manager needs to deal with on a daily basis and this just works. I really liked it for daily tasks. I LOVED it for reporting and analytics! Support is outstanding. Amazing!

Best on the app store Our company uses this across our company. We use it for punch list, work to complete, drawing management and more. Perfect! Great job

Great format for the field report This is great apps to report field conditions of construction site daily basis. The multiple photo uploading is hard and interface should be simplified. Recommend

Have been using the app from just about the being, love it and the reports are quick and easy to send customers to update them on the projext, keep up the great work Cool

اگر این گیرنده تو ایران خوب جواب بده عادیست Pretty good

This App allows a PM to constantly know what is going on at the project site. I find it especially useful on the days I am stuck at my desk. The more data you can get the field crews to enter the more you will get out of this App. There is room for some developer tweaks... But, the Field Lens team sounds dedicated to constant improvement. Omg

I have been using this app I am not sure how I got by without it. The communication and tracking is outstanding. Having everything in one place is making my job as a project manager much easier Brilliant

Great app and great support staff. This is really helping our teams in the field and coordination. Amazing!

Great tool, accessible on your phone, tablet or PC, instant updates from any project or subcontractors and reliable communication with text, pictures or video from everybody involve in an specific project or all of them. Thank you. I have been a FieldLens user for the last two years, it does help you organize your project(s), daily reports, safety compliance reports and yes, even accidents or incidents; the steps for a daily report are simple but with the capacity of expanding to subcontractors involved in a daily schedule or to document a revision by Engineers or Architects by providing by the minute if needed information and results. What I really like is that after a few weeks of using it, it builds an organization habit and it’s useful to show your work progress to your company. Thank you. Flawless

As an assistant safety director for our company I am constantly using FieldLens to write my reports and to review the reports of our superintendents. What a great tool to use in the field. I am able to write my reports on the job site and post them to FieldLens immediately for them to see. We are able to comment on the job and its progress or if there is a issue with a safety concern. Great job

This is the first time that I have used field lens. I have been in the industry for over 25 years. I am excited about this program, I'm in the early stages of a new project and thus far while using field lens I have experienced it saves time, it seems to be a great way to record events and solve opportunities that arrise. I catch myself talking to other contractors about this program. The on call help staff are quick to help navagate me through any questions on a one on one basis. This seems to be working for me and my company. I like it Cool

These people are wonderful. I've sent a several suggestions in and a few of them have already been implemented. They're quick to respond and will listen to anything you have to offer. This app is pretty great and receives speedy updates. Surprisingly

I have been using Field Lens to manager projects at 17 locations spread out across the southeast. The program has cut the paperwork in half and record much better keep. The support staff has gone above and beyond to answer questions, problems or concerns. I have not had a time that when I have typed in a question that within minutes someone is there working with me to enhance my experience . This program and the staff has put the fun back into my work. Well done!!

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