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Nice addicting free game. Wish it was not so expensive to upgrade certain items. Can u add on more fields? I reached the end with 3 stars a field. Amazing!

How about stage 11???? In the picture and the map there is even stronger enemies and even more stages? Flawless

This is very good actually. You guys just dont knoe the technique thats why you lose fast haha. try using the primary weapon for stage 1-2 and make sure it is max upgrade, in stage 3 you'll notice it becomes harder so you'll need to use the towers now. You'll probably think it would be a waste of money but when the last wave comes and its about to end, you can sell the towers you built so you can get about 70% of money you spent for that tower. Anyways very good game im in stage 5 right now haha. Enjoy it!

Pretty good game has potential. I stayed on the same screen for at least 6 stages the weapons armored is vague when giving you options to place as backup. The same troops get very boring to attack its no strategy just aim. Basically game is boring. After you do the same thing over again for 4-6 stage with having the same setup its just pointless. And it this is a kids game, in tutorial it swears Perfect

Its good, plays well, just a little lack luster. Need more to be gripping and great fun. ( more upgrades ) more staegic options for towers ( placement and upgrades ) Fabulous!

Very Good Game Ok few suggestions: 1) wld be good if i can know how much gold i gained at the end of each round rather than just the bonus. 2) i jumped the stars and realised clearing the 3 stars doesnt give me the bonus for 1 star or 2 star... it is reflected i cleared 3 stars but when i replay one star i can still get the bonus... Gets very repetitive after snow fields... Worth it!

Cool...but Its cool but when I go to another stage it says Field defenders have stopped working, when I open it again the money I worked hard on is lessen cause when I play another stage and I spent the money for the towers andl upgraded it then it force close.PLS FIX Fantastic

Good game but u need to keep buying credit to play. Winning isn't enough to give up enough credit to keep advancing Surprisingly

Needs an improvement. Need fast forward for the next wave. And the power ups like 2x damage should be double click to activate it, because sometimes i accidentaly click it. So far i like the game

Good Game Simply good. 1). Upgrade MG to max 2). Freeze last unit to kill & sell all towers to keep gold up. 3). Every next stage, replay harder level on stage before. 4). Save gold for Tracking Missles. 5). Use Slow & Freeze towers often. Relax, enjoy the game!

Very good game, keep it up No Offense To : users. Understand the algorythm, tricks, play with brain. I get thousands of coins in no time, with no cheats, and 0 $ spent. every game has its rhythms, just use ur brain. Or u'll just complain about everything. To : game dev. Maybe its kinda hard game for some people. Everyone has their own level intelligence, u should make it understandable or easier for all of them. Sorry bad at english. Probably ill buy some IAP, for donation n appreciation though.

Meh, bunk. Fun game but repetitive and short. Really good game concept; I'd like to see others. The hundred thousand dollar gun SUCKS after 3 upgrades. Waste of fn time... a lot of it. Well done!!

Good game Need a speed up round button like skip to next wave. I sit there for while on some rounds. And also everything higher up is so expensive. There a way can lower price on higher weapons. Fabulous!

Coins? Getting coins in a pain. And I like replaying levels and all but it is time consuming to make enough coins to beat the next level. Otherwise really fun. Flawless

Error "App uses a billing system no longer supported" pops up when trying to purchase credit... currently running on note 4 latest update.... please fix Works perfectly

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