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I luv it but it makes me angry when I don't pass the level but I get happy when I pass the level which is hard I get excited and I passed the 100 level I am on 101 and I done this In 2 days Well done!!

I like it but there are all these word on your screen while you are playing, it makes it hard. But anything else is great! Works great

I'm not sure how this app got on my divice but I like it it's cool it also adds to the crazy way I think I beat all 175 levels first try without fail sike Cool

Love the simplicity of it and minimal look, an extremely addictive game top job devs 5* Good

I think it's fun when you miss the stroke and it going flying everywhere who agrees? Surprisingly

This game is awasome you should download it it's super good I am telling you it's fun .the fun never ends. I am Judith Mendez 10years old and I fell in love with this game. Download ff (which I call fun forever ) super fun Well done!!

Awesome game but not enough levels I've gotten to lvl 176 which is the last, yet it isn't giving me a button to replay levels love it

Its a great game to play on the bus. Great game u should download it it gets really addicting as well. Omg

Challenging U have too go threw many different obsticals and get on the lines it gets harder than u think after U level up every time Fabulous!

Amazing! Dedinitely the most attractive game I've ever played. I finished all of the levels in two days..and I really enjoyed all of them. Well... sometimes I got nervous and angry, very challanging! ;) :) 5 star

Oufffffff I'm in level 164 oufffff veryyy difficult i tried more than 30 times and more to pass it i couldn't I'm trying tnxxc good and challenging game now and challenging game thank God now i just reached all the levels yahooooo since yesterday evening Must have

Well it is a bit annoying Well known some levels to just keeps crashing when I have one more to do and appart from that it is fine and you go through levels quick I am already on level 147 Fantastic

Great! Im at level 70 Now, Very Challenging! Passed the hardest level, level 50 its very very very fast and sooo many balls perfect timing is the thing that you need for it Awesome

I love it This game is awesome Fabulous!

Fun Downloaded yesterday and I'm already at level 147. I'm stuck there. AD's aren't as bad on this one yet still annoying. Muito bom!

Fun There were a couple ads in between here and there but over all it was a fun game to play. Flawless

Devs When ads at the bottom change there is a tiny lag which disrupts the flow of the game. Worth it!

Wat I got this game ten minutes ago and its really fun but i seriously cant figure out level 46 Recommend

So addictive I loved this game recommend this to people who love hard games abut addictive ones Pretty good

Love it I love it because I never thought I would go this far to wear I am and I actually made it to my goal and I am proud of myself that I pushed my self to this game and I am going to keep playing Perfect

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