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Good I have a problem with the max working width that the program lets me select(32m, not 36m) - zgb super 8200 OM 24-36

Need to download date after app Couldnt get it to work on my samsung ace. Spoke to amazone and found out you have to download data from the menu bar that is on the top right of page when you open app, works fine now.

Doesn't work This doesn't work on the Samsung s5. Same problems as others have said. Please fix as it looks brilliant.

Samsung S5 android 4.4.2 No menu on screen so absolutely useless, unable to set the application up. worked perfect with android 4.3

From the service side Like it can be used 'offline'. Database doesn't have every fertiliser out there. But neither does the documentation they give you.. it's just mainline stuff.. if you have one not listed, give them a call.

Works, just User interface not intuitive. Database of fertiliser not comprehensive. FAR better than having no book!

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