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Just purchased this and i think it's a good photo app!!! But please make the date stamp be available also on photos in gallery pls pleaseeeee Worth a go!

So far I'm loving it. It's similar to huji cam app. But I just want to know is this app a one time payment app? Or monthly basis payment? I hope I'll get a reply with you. Thanks Not bad


I love the filters but I'm confused... how do I activate the date stamp? Please reply. Thanksss! :) Updated Review: It's now 4 stars for me. I can now finally use the date stamp feature when taking pictures.. For it to be 5 stars.. u should also allow as to put date stamp and light leak when the photos are from our gallery. Please! Thank you. Enjoy it!

How can activate date stamps? When i take photos the date stamps are visible but once i view the photo I take there is no longer date stamp. Please reply :) Worth a go!

I love the filters but I'm confused... how do I activate the date stamp? Please reply. Thanksss! :) Fabulous!

I really like this app BUT I hope that I can also put a date stamp when I edit photos from camera roll. KEEP IT UP ! Muito bom!

Please make the date stamp work on gallery photos, that's would be much perfect. Well done!!

I wish I can put date stamp when I edit gallery photos. Also when I capture on the app the pictures are a little bit low resolution. But I like the app very much! Keep the app updated please! Go well

Fantastic. Similar to gudak. Only one thing matters, DATE. Not accurate and it shows 1 day advanced. I need to backward 1 day on my phone time setup just to get accurate date on apps. Anyway. It fun. And please, fixed date stamp issue. Frm Msia Brilliant

The filters are great but it crashes every time I save photo. I'm using Android 8.0. Works great

Where is the date stamp ? Where is setting section? How to on n off date stamp at save picture? Superb!

lovin this apps .. finally i can on or off the datestamp.. i hope the date was not advance.. need to fix that.. more filters keep it up guys Well done!!

Date stamp doesn't show after taking a pic. And the date it displays while taking is incorrect. Help? Flawless

i buy this apps bec. its like gudak but the day dont show in picture.. i hope you fix this.. Superb!

Love the app! But the timestamp is a day advanced, need to fix that and PLEASE ADD A FLASH BUTTON!!! Would be perfect if we can use our phone's flash Great job

The photo filters are great, but it crashes a lot. I Love this app bcs it's an alternative for Gudak cam but can you put more editing tools to it like can we also put more light effects and time/date stamps on the lower left part of the picture like a real disposable camera and a flash tool at the camera bcs whenever I wanted to take a picture at dark places there's no flash and I have to open my phone's flashlight. And please fix the bugs bcs it crashes a lot and keeps on force closing the app. Brilliant

There's two things that has been bugging me since I first used this: no timer option and poor photo editing preview. PLEASE ADD TIMER OPTION! Also bug fixes!!! Please!! Fabulous!

I really love the effect because I was obsessed with Gudak cam which I can't have bec I'm an android user. One thing I can say is, maybe the developers can improve the features like stickers, frames, etc. and add more options just like any other apps here in playstore. Also I hope that the team are responsive to their user's review. People use real money to use this and I think that's enough to make an improvement isn't? Marvelous

It can take photo with OR but Cant edit photo from gallery with OR fliter. Please fix it right away! wow lol

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